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Hirim is a word known to Freemasonary and is associated with Satan according to Fr. Siano F.I in the recent issue of the weekly Il Settimanale di Padre Pio. Hirim is mentioned in the official list of mantras of Transcendental Meditation.

I was reading an article on Freemasonary in the magazine Il Settimanale di Padre Pio. It  mentions a name for Lucifer. This article is one of a series on the same subject. The word 'hiram' is connected with Satan. The word seemed familiar to me.I was wondering if it was the same word used as a mantra in Maharishi Mahesh Yogis Transcendental Meditation.

I was a teacher of Transcendental Meditation(TM) and completed a five months course for teachers at Pattaya, Thailand. We had to sign a document saying that we would keep the mantras secret . The mantras are given out according to a persons age. When someone would come to learn TM they would have to fill a form with personal details. They would be asked their age.Then according to their age I would  give them the mantra during the ritual of initiation the puja.

Many of the TMers I knew were Freemasons and members of the Theopsophical Society, which projects itself as a liberal,open minded, tolerant organisation but it is evil and their members hate the Catholic Church.

Last night I checked the list of mantras of Transcendental Meditation at an internet shop. The mantras are no longer a secret. I found the list of TM mantras. It is the same list which I used as a TM teacher

One of the mantras given out is hirim.

Fr. Siano F.I an Italian priest with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate(F.I)  has done studies on Freemasonary and he shows in well referenced articles their link with Satan. Last Sunday at the Church Santa Maria di Annunziata in Rome I browsed through the recent issue of Il Settimanale di Padre Pio which I read regularly. Again Fr. Siano mentions the word hiram and Lucifer in the headlines of the article.

I recall on my teachers training course the German instructor saying that the mantras are meaningless words but they have a value at another level of consciousness.

I recall seeing a video on the course in which Maharishi is asked his opinion about a person’s strange actions. He is told that perhaps the spirit who is in that meditator prefers to act likewise.

In another video Maharishi also praised a meditator who had experiences which definitiely were related to a Hindu deity and the realm linked to the deity.It was not Christian.

On the teachers training program I was not allowed to go for Mass on Sunday.Privately I would often   pray my rosary.

I am aware that TM has opened my unconscious to realms in which I have to protect myself daily with praying the rosary, going for daily Mass and not sinning.

Here is the list of the mantras with the word hirim.

Official Mantra List in the Practice of Transcendental Meditation:


The mantra I used was shirim.

When I was learning the advanced TM technique the TM-Sidhi program and I had not started ‘hopping’ I informed my teacher naively that I was praying for success. This made him extremely angry. He thought I would never ever learn the advanced meditation technique.

This was all a long time back before I went to Medugorje in the mid 90’s. The other TM teacher once realized that I was being lost to the TM Movement, even though at that time I did not know it, she said that I should beware that a lot of people are praying for me and they want me to leave TM. I thought it was odd that she would make that remark.Since it was so uncharachteristic of her. I was wondering what was the source of her knowledge which made her make that remark.

Many years later when I was talking to my bishop he mentioned casually at dinner that it is only after we die that we will realize who had been praying and making sacrifices for us. I laughed I knew he was hinting at me.

Our Lady was with me constantly. She did not leave me.

Lionel Andrades
Catholic layman
Former Teacher of Maharishi Mahesh Yogis Transcendental Meditation

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