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Pro abortion-ADL Rabbi speaks on theme ‘Do not Kill’

The Day of Reflection (Giornata di Riflessione Ebraico –Cristiana) between leftists Jews and Catholics was to be presided over today by Mons. Benedetto Tuzia, President of the Diocesan Commission for Ecumenism and Dialogue, Vicariate Rome. According to a report in a local Church the participants include Rabbi Ricardo di Segni, Chief Rabbi of the Jewish community in Rome and Prof. Muuro Cozzoli, Professor of Moral theology at the John Lateran University, Rome.

The annual meeting is being held at the John Lateran University without the participation of conservative Jews who oppose abortion and the pro abortion ADL.

Rabbi Segni has the support of Israel so only those rabbis can meet the pope or participate in these meetings it is learnt who are not opposed to Zionism, and leftist values.Rabbi Segni along with his associates also decide what Catholic priests are to say or avoid speaking in homilies at Holy Mass in Rome.

He personally went to the Urbaniana Pontifical University, Rome and the Vatican offices cautioning them against Catholic Mission and evangelisation. There was the threat of the Jewish Left anti Semitic laws and racist and proselytism charges against Catholics by the relatively small but influential Jewish community in Italy.

Now at the Urbaniana University Prof. Sandra Mazzolini teaches, according to their syllabus, that Lumen Gentium 16 (Vatican Council II) is a development of doctrine, of a defined dogma, and so the Church’s teaching on extra ecclesiam nulla salus has changed. This is approved by the Rector of Urbaniana University and the Congregation for Catholic Education, Vatican.

After Rabbi Segni protested along with the ADL against the Good Friday Prayer for the Conversion of the Jews, the pope himself said that Jews do not have to convert in the present times. They would convert at some future end-times unknown to the pope.

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel also protested against the Good Friday Prayer and ended dialogue, the newspapers reported, there was the threat of violence, war.Now dialogue has been resumed.

Dialogue has resumed since the Church has changed its teachings under the threat of war and charges of anti-Semitism.Since the Catholic Church decided to change its teachings the Jewish left community was well represented at the last Assisi Interfaith meeting.

The Vicariate like the pope has been accommodating and the Vicariate’s Pastoral Office for the Care of the Sick states on their website (Vicariato, Rome) that every one does not need to be baptized with water for salvation. It assumes there could be some people known in particular to the us, who are exceptions.

The Vicariate also welcomes young vocations to the religious life. Candidates would have to agree that there is a visible baptism of desire which is an exception to the dogma outside the church no salvation.

According to Fr. Brian Crawford, Rector, Oblates of St.Joseph, Rome we do not know any case of a person saved with the baptism of desire. So the baptism of desire does not contradict the dogma he agrees. However this is the understanding in the church now he says, and every one believes it.

He means that though this is not a church teaching and is not part of the Deposit of the Faith however it is promoted by the Jewish Left media. So this is a political position. All have to accept this political position. Otherwise the bishops could say that we have no right to use the name Catholic, as it was done for apologists Robert Sungenis and Michael Voris.

Presently ideological transfers and posting are being made at the Vatican with the aim of electing a pope who will be a liberal and will cause tremendous confusion in the Catholic Church.

Rabbi Segni had also asked Cardinal Bagnasco the President of the Conference of Italian Bishops (CEI) to put down ‘the ugly head of anti Semitism every time it rears up’. The traditional, official teachings of the Catholic Church are in this category. Cardinal Bagnasco assured him that the Prayers for the Conversion of the Jews was not for their conversion in the present times and there was no mission to convert Jews into the Catholic Church. The Prayer was considered anti Semitic.

Rabbi Segno also thanked Cardinal Bagnasco for supporting him on the Bishop Richard Williamson issue. Initially the Vatican spokesman and the pope supported Bishop Williamson’s entry into the Church saying that the bishop was free to hold a personal opinion on this subject. After the international political pressure the pope changed his position on this issue. Cardinal Bagnnasco had opposed the initial view of the pope and supported the Rabbi and so he was thanked.

The scope of the anti Semitism laws in Italy and abroad have not been determined.So even if one refers to leftist rabbis and Communist lay members teaching at the Pontifical Gregorian University Rome today it could be considered anti-Semitic.

A political policy of arresting Catholics for their religious beliefs in Italy has not been made . Establishment Catholics, pro-life Catholics would be expected to hand over these cases to the authorities.

Meanwhile the Talmud is being translated into Italian with the cooperation of the Italian Education Ministry and the Rabbi in Rome is on the committee overseeing it. They also have a Jewish seminary in Rome and there is no opposition to the Jewish Left mission which is opposed by other Jews who are not pro abortion.
-Lionel Andrades

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