Saturday, June 9, 2012

“How can we be called heretics when the baptism of desire is not explicit?”-Peter and Michael Dimond need to be asked

I agree with Peter and Michael Dimond on the literal interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus, I also reject explicit baptism of desire, however I accept implicit baptism of desire which perhaps they are not yet familiar with. So for me the baptism of desire and invincible ignorance are not exceptions to their literal interpretation of the dogma.

Peter and Michael Dimond have called so many people heretics since they have not accepted that the baptism of desire is always implicit. It can never ever be explicit for us.

When your called a heretic ask them, “How can I be called a heretic when the baptism of desire is not explicit?” Explain to them that if we do not know any one with the baptism of desire etc how can they be considered exceptions to the dogma on salvation.

I affirm the literal interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and also affirm the baptism of desire of the Council of Trent. The Council of Trent was referring to an implicit baptism of desire since the baptism of desire cannot be explicit for us.

Peter and Michael Dimond can do the same and enter the Catholic Church. They can hold the literal interpretation of extra ecclesiam nulla salus, continue to reject being explicitly saved in known-to-us baptism of desire and invincible ignorance, accept the baptism of desire of the Council of Trent, attend the Traditional Latin Mass in the Catholic Church and continue with a media apostolate based on Tradition.

Once they understand that the baptism of desire is implicit they will have a new perspective on Pope John Paul II’s Dominus Iesus 20, Catechism of the Catholic Church 845,845, Redemptoris Missio 55 etc.The pope was affirming the literal interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.So was the Catechism and Vatican Council II.

When Peter and Michael Dimond refer to widespread heresy and schism within the Catholic Church they are correct. However for me presently even the Dimond brothers are a part of it.-Lionel Andrades


George Brenner said...

Some time ago, I took the time to do a little investigating of Most Holy Family Monastery. The only accurate word that I can find in the name of their cult that I agree with is "Most" as in Most Revolting. Their news Link has many postings like you might see in the rag magazines as you are waiting to check out of the Grocery store. The Brothers Michael and Peter or whatever their real names are do not act like any Brother that I would be proud to affiliate with Our Catholic Faith. The way Peter or Michael talk to Priests is deplorable. For example as Peter is talking to Father Joseph Terra, Father hangs up on Peter and rightfully so and then Peter Dimond says " these people are just utterly pathetic". This is real nice language for one of the cult leaders of their sedevacantist website. I just had to listen to a few of their so called debate challenges to understand the damage they are doing to The Church. They open their conversations by saying is this Father____________ and that is the the last time you will hear the word Father out of their mouths. Do they have permission from whom they call to post their conversations? Do the Priests even know they are being recorded? They do not talk in a civil manner with anyone but talk down in a very condescending and mean spirited manner. The mission from Jesus was to teach all nations NOT to debate Our Faith as if it was a High School Debate Club discussing Global Warming. Just imagine the influence they have on countless souls, like their advising people not to go to Mass. And yes the liturgy in many places has been abusive and not pleasing to our Lord and Saviour. They act as if our Catholic Faith resides only with them and their teachings. Their language and attacks on our recent Popes is beyond words. Yes there is a very serious Crisis of Faith both from within and outside the Church. They are on the outside of the Ark of Salvation and responsible for those they lead astray.

Catholic Mission said...

I understand.
They too seem hurt at the situation in the Church and the way Catholics react to them.

Also they have not realized that the baptism of desire can never be explicit. Perhaps once they understand this they will admit they were wrong.

This would also mean they would have to re interpret magisterial texts for example, those of Pope John Paul II.

Since Vatican Council II and the Catechism of the Catholic Church would be saying that there is no salvation outside the Church just like Peter and Michael Dimond.

George Brenner said...

If the Dimonds admitted that there can not be explicit Baptism of Desire, the list of all the other major other positions that they hold is still way too long to list. They have created their own religion by making decrees on what you can and can not believe or do. They are so high on themselves that prayer for them at this point is the only possible correction.