Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Cardinal Raymond Burke 'asserted that a general ignorance of canon law must be overcome. He called for an end to a false conflict between canon law and the pastoral nature of the Church, between truth and love. And he also said that liturgical law must enjoy primacy among canonical norms, for it safeguards the most sacred realities in the Church.' (1)

Meanwhile Pope Benedict XVI has sent his second condolence message on the death of Cardinal Martini. The funeral Mass is approved contrary to Canon Law.

The Italian cardinal was a public scandal.He encouraged Catholics to think little of the Church teachings on contraceptives and pro life issues. For him there was no objective truth and everything was subject to change and accommodation to Leftist values. For him the Holy Spirit did not guide the Church to teach what is good and to reject evil. As a Jesuit Rector at the Gregorian University he rejected the dogma on salvation and the Church's teachings on other religions. He created the controversial Center for Jewish (Left) Studies named after Cardinal Bea.Recently he issued controversial statements on homosexuality.

He had a regular column in an anti Catholic mainstream newspaper in Italy.Like Fr.Hans Kung he was allowed to offer Holy Mass in violation of Canon Law.

Now he is being granted a funeral even though he  was in public mortal sin.

He rejected the dogma on exclusive salvation in only the Catholic Church and interpreted Vatican Council II as a break from Tradition. He seemed unaware of the Richard Cushing Error, just like Fr.Hans Kung. The same error of being able to see the dead is being made today by the Jesuits .

Jesuits in heresy are to honour a cardinal who according to the teachings of the Catholic Church is oriented to Hell and should by now be past the Particular Judgement.

He has written a book in Italian with the title saying 'we are all in the same boat'. A review of the book said we are not all in the same boat and that the cardinal was in the boat which ferried the damned to Hell, as Dante described it.

Cardinal Martini S.J was an example of the limitations of Bible 'scholarship' and knowing Latin and Greek.

Canon Law was never applied to him and in public sin and scandal he could offer Holy Mass.Many times we did not know where he was coming from but according to Church teachings we know where he is going.-Lionel Andrades


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