Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Robert Sungenis' talks on salvation have become obsolete

If God is fair how can he condemn someone who has never heard of the Church (2:16) asks Robert Sungenis.(Part 3 of 6: Is there salvation outside the Church    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0v0ZYIqnhk&feature=share&list=PL15FF976BACBB5149 ).
No he will not! But we cannot assume that we know these cases. These cases are known only to God. So those who are saved in invincible ignorance are not an exceptions to the dogma.

Those who are saved with a good conscience similarly are known only to God. So we still have the traditional teaching that all need faith and baptism for salvation because of Original Sin and there are no known exceptionsA good conscience and invincible ignorance are not one of them.

This question came up with Pope Pius IX (2:32) . And in his two encyclicals he did not state that there were visible implicit desire cases or that we personally knew persons saved in invincible ignorance who were exceptions to the dogma.

Someone who has not heard of the Catholic Church (3:09).Pope Pius IX said that these cases were visible and so an exception to Pope Eugene and the defined dogma on salvation ? Or did Pope Pius IX state that these cases were invisible but possible and so he did not mention them being exceptions to the dogma ? We have to  reason here. If we are rational we know that Pope Pius IX mentioned these cases as possibilities. Not exceptions.

What were Eugene IV and Boniface VIII talking about when they said extra ecclesiam nulla salus ?,asks Sungenis. The text of the dogma is there to read. It does not mention any exceptions. It does not mention invincible ignorance or implicit desire. Why should it? It is not relevant.We cannot name any such exception.

Pope Boniface issued this dictum outside the Church there is no salvation. Basically what he is saying that if you know that the Catholic Church claims to be the one true church and you deliberately say I am not going to join the Catholic Church because I have my own religion then you are condemned says Robert Sungenis. Yes those who know and do not enter will be condemned and these cases are not known to us. So they are irrelevant to the dogma which does not say only those who know will be condemned. The dogma refers to all non Catholics. Those who know and do not know will be known and judged by God only.-Lionel Andrades

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