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Jesuits conduct Spiritual Exercises which are a break with St.Ignatius of Loyola

The Italian Federation which conducts the Spiritual Exercises of St.Ignatius of Loyola (FIES  )  promote the late Cardinal Carlo Martini S.J on their  website. The cardinal broke with Tradition and St.Ignatius of Loyola. He rejected the Church's traditional teaching on other religions etc.The Sisters at FIES do the same, just like the Jesuits. 

In August the  Spiritual Directors listed at the Gregorian Pontifical University Rome chapel could be available to conduct the Spiritual Exercises of St.Ignatius of Loyola, along with the visible to us baptism of desire and with exceptions to mortal sin. This would be a big break from the text of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. St.Ignatius of Loyola  believed in mortal sin and outside the Church there is no salvation. 

 We now know that the baptism of desire is not visible to us , we do not know any such case in the present times. 

Neither the dogma on salvation  nor the Nicene Creed makes any mention of known to us baptism of desire but for the Jesuit priests here , these cases are known to God and also visible for us. With this irrationality they will conduct the Ignatian Exercises.
In their obvious error the Jesuits in Rome also indicate that the Vatican Curia, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith officials have made this objective error in the interpretation of magisterial texts.Similar to the Jesuits.

For the anti-Robert Bellarmine Spiritual  Directors the baptism of desire is visible and not invisible and so Fr.Leonard  Feeney made a mistake. They have broken away with St.Bellarmine and St.Francis Xavier since they have assumed there are known exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
Neither the dogma on salvation nor the Nicene Creed make any mention of known to us baptism of desire but for the Jesuit priests  here, these cases are known to God and also visible for us.
The Jesuit Spiritual Directors are :-
Delio Mendonca S.J ,
Alex Zatyurka S.J (,
Mark Inglot S.J ( )
Josephn Jeevendra Jadhav S.J ( ),
Xavier Hwang S.J ( ),
Peter Lah S.J ( ),
Linus Kujur S.J ( ),
Miguel Coll S.J ( ),
Adam Wolanin S.J ( ) ,
 Bryan Lobo S.J ( ),
Michael Woods .J ( ,
 Jonas Elias Capriani S. ( )
 Francisco Campos ( ),
Victor Zhuk S.J ( ),
 Eric Ramirez S.J ( ),
 Jakub Garcar S.J  ( )

To reject an ex cathedra dogma is heresy. To contradict the Nicene Creed ( I believe in three known baptism for the forgiveness  of sins and not one) is a first class heresy too.
As  mentioned in the previous post during the next semester at the Gregorian University  students will go to Fr.Xavier Hwang S.J and other Jesuit priests. They will put aside Veritatis Splendor of Pope John Paul II.It  says the outer action indicates the inner intention and not vice versa i.e the outer action does not indicate the inner intention since we cannot judge deliberate consent and full knowledge.This is a new theory like the visible-dead one.
Jesuits who once broke with the Magisterium  and expelled Fr.Leonard Feeney from the community  could be  finally admitting that today the Magisterium has also made a mistake. It means the Jesuit Superior General in Boston who expelled Fr.Leonard Feeney also made a mistake.So the Jesuit Superior General, could have believed the dead are visible who are genuine exceptions to the literal interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.The same as today's Jesuits.
There are no known exceptions to the dogma on salvation and the Jesuits have assumed there are .They have built a whole new theology, on this error,  which is a break with the founders of the Jesuit community.With these new doctrines they are conducting Ignatian Exrecises and are also Spiritual Directors.
-Lionel Andrades 




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Anonymous said...

Without Church teaching that we passionately try to covert with love and charity it is only a natural conclusion that there will be proponents for Baptism of Desire, invincible ignorance and no need to convert all the good ole boys and girls that are judged to be worthy of attaining Heaven and in no need for conversion to the one true Faith. It follows that we would have to endure this crisis of Faith for some many decades because of luke warm Catholics coupled with the failure of those in positions of authority to properly teach the faithful. The quote below is as valid today as it was in 34 ad and the centuries that followed.

from Catholic Essentials:

" It is well known that the entire history of the Catholic Church consists of missionaries and martyrs dedicating their lives to converting others to the true faith, undergoing the most cruel and unspeakable tortures and death as a result. Yet some Catholics today will actually say conversion is no longer important, which is an insult to Our Lord's passion and death, to the lives of the Apostles, and to the 20 centuries of missionaries and martyrs of the Church whose sole goal was to convert others to Catholicism!

Scripture and past Church teaching speak for themselves - let no Catholic ever say conversion is unimportant, for those outside of the true Church of Christ cannot be saved. "


George Brenner