Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Rev. Fr.P. Stefano Visintin OSB, Dean of the Faculty of Theology at the Pontifical University St.Anselm, Rome says all non Catholics need to enter the Catholic Church for salvation and there are no known exceptions.This is the teaching of the Catholic Church.
The baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance are possibilities, he said, but are not known exceptions to the traditional teaching on salvation.
Prof. Visintin was speaking with me yesterday (Oct.15,2013) at the university where I had gone to seek information on Subiaco, the Benedictine retreat center near Rome.
Fr.Stefano who has been appointed for the second term as the Dean of Theology affirmed the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and said that none of us know of any case this year saved outside the church.
I asked him again if he was saying all Jews, Muslims and other non Catholics in Rome and elsewhere need to enter the Church for salvation. He replied all who know about Jesus and the Church need to enter."All who know?" and not 'all in general'I needed to clarify?.Since we don't know who knows or does not know and will be saved . This is known only to God.
He clarified that all with no exception in the present times need to convert visibly into the Church for salvation.
I asked him if this is what is being taught at the university.He answered in the affirmative.
The Dean of Theology was presenting traditional Benedictine theology and spirituality and throwing light on a controversial theological issue in Catholic circles these days.Professors of theology at pontifical universities in Rome claim there are known exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
This factual error of the dead-saved being visible to us is being made at the Angelicum University, Rome by Fr. Robert Christian O.P . This is also tyhe factual error of a professor of ecclesiology, at the Urbaniana University, Rome by Sandra Mazzoloni. It is also there in the two  Departments, of Missiology and Theology of Religions, at the Gregorian University.It would seem they can see ghosts in parks and streets here! At the Urbaniana University Sandra Mazzollini calls this ' a development of doctrine ' , according to the annual Urbaniana Handbook of university courses.
None of them can name any non Catholic saved in invincible ignorance etc yet even at the Society of St. Pius X(SSPX) seminary in Econe, Switzerland this error is made by Fr. Jean Marie Gleize. The traditionalist professor of ecclesiology refers to an exceptional way of salvation(via eccezionale) when we don't know of any exceptions.
Fr.Visintin contradicts these professors of theology and also the International Theological Commission, Vatican(ITC). The ITC indicates on its website that there are known exceptions to the the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus as interpreted by Fr.Leonard Feeney.
This Benedictine priest is also correcting the general understanding of Vatican Council II, interpreted with irrational Cushingism. He is saying indirectly, that Vatican Council II does not contradict  the traditional teaching on other religions and Christian communities and churches. The 'old ecclesiology' has not changed since there are no known  exceptions to the dogma on exclusive salvation in the Catholic Church.This is a breakthrough for reconciliation with the sedevacantists (CMRI, MHFM and others) who can now accept a traditional Vatican Council II without the premise of being able to see the dead who are visible exceptions to traditional teaching.It has also created a new opportunity for Vatican-SSPX reconciliation talks.
Meeting Fr.Visintin was a welcome expèrience.It seemed like a gift for me from my favourite saint, on her feast day, Teresa of Avila.
-Lionel Andrades
P. Stefano Visintin, O.S.B.

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