Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Greeting at Church Militant TV

Here is a Christmas Greeting that Rodney,Simon, Christine and the others at Church Militant TV could consider:
This Christmas you could give your loved ones the usual, clothes,gift card,more clothes, or you can give them the gift that keeps on giving- more than a thousand hours of real Catholic education.
Remember that the Catholic Church teaches infallibly in a dogma that all need to formally be a member of the Catholic Church to avoid Hell.Every one needs Catholic Faith with the baptism of water. There are no exceptions this Christmas.We do not know any one saved in invincible ignorance or the baptism of desire. We cannot know.This would only be known to God-that's if there ever was such a case.Being saved in invincible ignorance or 'seeds of the Word' or 'good and holy things in other religions' has nothing to do with the infallible teaching. Since these cases are invisible for us, they cannot be exceptions.Hypothetical cases cannot be defacto exceptions to the dogma. Zero cases of something cannot be exceptions says an American apologist.So it is important that non Catholics learn about The Faith. Catholics too must better understand it.
So give your loved ones the gift of an eternity of happiness.There could be nothing better. Just click the link to sign up for your premium subscription at Church Militant.TV.Do it for your friends and relatives.


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