Sunday, July 19, 2015

Avvenire calls Catholics who oppose immigration extremists

Avvenire, the Italian Catholic Bishop's Conference's daily newspaper  yesterday(Saturday) in a front page report has called those opposing immigration, including the movement Casapound, as 'extremists'.Avvenire is available in the churches of Rome on Sundays(today).Catholics who oppose immigration are termed extremists. Avvenire has become a leftist newspaper since the pontificate of Pope Francis.
Some 38 local residents and 14 policemen were injured in a clash while the new refugees were transferred to another locality.
Avvenire referred to residents and the 'extremist'' Casapound.

Andrea Antonini
"From here we do not move. Casale San Nicola must remain Italian.We will defend it to the last,"  said the vice president of CasaPound Italy, Andrea Antonini.
"For almost three months we monitored here  24 hours a day, alongside the residents, to prevent the former school Socrates, being  used as a reception center for refugees.It  endangered the daily lives of the 250 families living here.Their opinion was not asked nor guarantees for their safety given.' said  Antonini. 'In a country where schools fall apart, lacking kindergartens, poverty is an alarming problem, with many  Italians forced  to live in the car if you do not 'committed suicide' due to the crisis.'

He said "See how those Italians of San Nicola, men and women of all ages, normal people, who would never have thought of  engaging  in a battle like this, sing the anthem of Italy and face the police.This  makes us understand, he said,  that there is hope for this country, that the ransom is upon us, and that it will be the citizens in person who will  prevent further abuse of power by those who  believe they can  do anything with impunity and  without anything happening. "
-Lionel Andrades

A group of immigrants living in Rosarno, take part in a protest demonstration in Rosarno, Italy

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