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Fr.Anthony Cekada should have apologised to the communities of Fr.Leonard Feeney

Section VII General Conclusion 
All Catholics are obliged to adhere to the common teaching on baptism of blood and baptism of desire. According to the norms outlined above, the Feeneyite position represents either theological error, error in Catholic doctrine or heresy. Those Catholics who adhere to the Feeneyite position on baptism of desire and baptism of blood commit a mortal sin against the faith.-Fr.Anthony Cekada, sedavacantist

the Feeneyite position represents either theological error, error in Catholic doctrine or heresy. -Fr.Anthony Cekada

1.Note: The Church Fathers and the Medieval Fathers  did not make a link between baptism of desire ( BOD), baptism of blood (BOB) and extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS).Fr.Anthony Cekada has made this link.
It was liberal theologians who made the connection.It was done best by Cardinal Francesco Marchetti Selvaggiani in the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 to the Archbishop of Boston.Fr.Cekada has done the same.

2.No magisterial document before 1949 connects BOD, BOB  with EENS.It was separated.
Fr.Cekada has quoted many people affirming BOD. He then assumes that these cases are known to them. He goes further and assumes that these cases since they are known are explicit exceptions to the dogma. So he concludes that BOD is an exception to the dogma and so Fr.Leonard Feeney was wrong.
Whenever he says BOD is an exception to the dogma or part of the dogma he means people in Heaven are visible on earth to be an exception.
 For him the communities of Fr.Leonard Feeney in the USA are in mortal sins for not suggesting that the BOD is an exception to the dogma.While he himself does not know of any BOD case in the present times.

3.No magisterial document before 1949 says BOD,BOB cases are explicit for us in daily life.No church document says these cases are objective for us .We cannot judge who will be saved with BOD or BOB, with or without the baptism of water (BOW).
Whenever a magisterial document mentions BOD Fr.Anthony Cekada immediately assumes it is also a reference to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.Then there is that attitude, of "See here is the proof. The Feeneyites are wrong".
He does not realize that he is using Marchetti's false premise and inference.

4.In our personal experience we do not know anyone saved outside the Church i.e without 'faith and baptism'. We do not know any one who contradicts the dogma EENS which says all need to be formal members of the Church, all need the baptism of water in the Catholic Church for salvation.
Neither can Fr.Cekada name any one in 2015 who has been saved without Catholic Faith and the baptism of water.

All this was pointed out to him years ago. He is aware of the error. He should have apologised to the communities of Fr.Leonard Feeney a long time back.-Lionel Andrades

How did the new ecclesiology develop?

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George Brenner said...

Nothing has changed!!!! The Holy Ghost yesterday, today and tomorrow always protects and safeguards the Church. It is the liberal modernists who have overtaken and subdued sound catechesis to a mere remnant. Those of good will are either quiet, confused or afraid to stand up for their faith and truth of Jesus. What part of the following do the liberals and modernist who are destroying our faith not understand. Not my words but those of Pope Benedict XVI on July 10,2007:

Statement brings swift condemnation from Protestants

"Pope Benedict XVI reasserted the primacy of the Roman Catholic Church, approving a document released Tuesday that says other Christian communities are either defective or not true churches and Catholicism provides the ONLY true path to salvation. It was the second time in a week that Benedict corrected what he says are erroneous interpretations of the Second Vatican Council, the 1962-1965 meetings that modernized the Church. Benedict has long complained about what he considers Vatican II's erroneous interpretations by liberals, saying Vatican II was NOT a break with the past but a renewal of church traditions. Benedict XVI was issuing the new document Tuesday because some contemporary theological interpretations of VCII ecumenical intent had been erroneous or ambiguous and had prompted confusion and doubt. The document restates the key sections of 'Dominus Jesus' which riled protestant and other Christian denominations because it said that they were not true churches but merely ecclesial communities and therefore did not have the 'means' of salvation. Benedict repeated that it is the Catholic Church that has the fullness of the means for salvation. The other communities cannot be called 'churches' in the proper sense because they do not have apostolic succession and therefore their priestly ordinations are not valid"

All clerics, what part of this do you not understand and more importantly willingly obey.

In Christ,

George Brenner