Saturday, July 4, 2015

If Pope Francis approves of it. He will issue a Syllabus of Errors in which we continue to intepret Vatican Council II with LG 16 an exception to EENS ?

Comments from the Eucharistandmission blogpost 
We do not know of a BOB and BOD exception in the present times. Here we can all agree since it is common knowledge
We can not assume that Bishop Schneider knows all the causes


Who does( know all the causes) to issue a Syllabus?

or each and every specific confusion, error and wrong catechesis that has been caused by rampant liberal individualism on contradicting many issues of deviating from sound catechesis. I salute him for suggesting that this mass confusion must be addressed by the Pontiff in conjunction with those orthodox wise clerics who would identify the issues to remedy.

Pope Francis or Pope Benedict both who support Marchettiism and reject Feeneyism and interpret Vatican Council II with Marchetti's irrational inference, in which LG 16 is an explicit exception to EENS?

Of course this must be done with the help and guidance of the Holy Ghost.

Is the Holy Spirit guiding the Church to accept irrational Marchettiism today?

That is why I believe a world wide petition for a syllabus is a must.

Assuming Pope Francis approves of it. He will issue a Syllabus in which we continue to intepret Vatican Council II in which LG 16 is an exception to EENS ?

This will not be solved by a blog site. It runs too deep and has endured for too many decades.

One blog site has identified the interpretation of Vatican Council II with Marchettiism and presented Feeneyism ( no visible exceptions to EENS in the present times) as an alternative.
Do you think that Pope Francis and the Jewish left will approve it ?
Not likely.
Can Church for example say that Pope Pius XII made an objective mistake and Fr.Leonard Feeney was correct according to Tradition. The magisterium made a factual error in 1949 ? Not likely.
Could the MICM communities say that their bishops are wrong?...
-Lionel Andrades

When Bishop Schneider says a Syllabus of Errors on VC2 is needed it is presumed that he knows the cause of the all the confusion in VC2

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