Monday, August 31, 2015

Fr.Paul Kramer are you saying that the new ecclesiology contradicts Vatican Council II ?...not sure

Paul Kramer
Vatican II teaches ecclesiological heresy.
Lionel Andrades24 ago
It shows you have still not understood what I have been writing on my blog .
Lionel Andrades24 ago
Are you saying the new ecclesiology contradicts extra ecclesiam nulla salus ?
Lionel Andrades24 ago
If you point out LG 16,LG 8, UR3, NA 2 etc as being exceptions to EENS I would say they are inivisible for us in 2015.
Lionel Andrades24 ago
So you would not be able to cite any case in Vatican Council II as being an exception to EENS. Since an exception must exist.
Lionel Andrades24 ago
When you would not be able to cite any exception to EENS in Vatican Council II you would be left with the old ecclesiology.
Lionel Andrades
So if the ecclesiology of Vatican Council II is the same as pre-Vatican Council II times there is no reason for sedevacantism.

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