Monday, August 31, 2015

Fr.Paul Kramer is not sure what is the difference between me and other Feeneyites

I have posted amply on the topic on FB. No more debate with Feeneyite fundamentalist heretic hardheads.
Lionel Andrades28 ago
How do you know I am a Feeneyite? I do not use the apologetics of the SBC.
Lionel Andrades28 ago
I have responded to your reports on some of the trad forums but there was no reply from you.
Lionel Andrades28 ago
I have also expressed my views on my blog Eucharistandmission. Check your name on the tag line.
Lionel Andrades29 ago
Fr. Paul Kramer infers baptism of desire-cases are visible.So they are exceptions to the dogma for him
Lionel Andrades
I am not using the apologetics of the St.Benedict Centers. They also interpret LG 16 as being explicit, like you do.
Lionel Andrades30 ago
So if you refer to Feeneyites pl. clarify if you know the difference between them and me..

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