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Of lying Jesuits and sedes

Fr. Cekada Teaching Class
Annibale Della Genga( on Twitter)  is a seminarian at a sedevacantis seminary. This is the seminary of Bishops Daniel L. Dolan and Donald Sanborn.Fr.Anthony Cekada's is also associated with this  seminary in the USA. Annibale wants to be a priest with them but is aware of the two lies.
I sent him the report 'Lying Jesuits observe feast day of St.Ignatius of Loyola whose teachings on salvation they reject'1.
New Seminary rendering
Like the Jesuits, Bishops Dolan-Sanborn and Fr.Cekada also use the two lies , to interpret extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS) and Vatican Council II.
So what does he do ? Where else can Annibale go?
He knows there are no exceptions to EENS in 2015 so Fr.Leonard Feeney of Boston was correct. His reason tells him that Lumen Gentium 16 (LG 16) cannot be an exception to EENS. So Vatican Council II cannot be a basis for sedevacantism.
So his professors at the sedevantist Most Holy Trinity Seminary,Florida,USA have made a mistake. He wants to be a priest and chooses to be taught by them.

The mistake can be clearly seen on an Internet article by Fr.Anthony Cekada on Feeneyism in which it is inferred that there are explicit exceptions to EENS ( Feeneyism). This is the first lie.2It is the same lie made by the Jesuits in their rebellion against the pre-1949 magisterium.
MHT Seminary Faculty
In another on line article by Bishop Donald Sanborn, Lumen Gentium 16 (LG 16) is an exception to EENS.This is also the theological argument given on the seminary page. This is the second lie of the Jesuits.Invisible cases are exceptions to EENS!
It would be convenient if the faculty at the seminary identified the error and corrected it.This would make it easy for Annibale.But they are not going to do this.
It is too much for the bishops and Fr. Cekada to admit that they made a factual error and so Vatican Council II cannot be a doctrinal basis for sedevacantism.They cannot say they are wrong. The costs seem to high for them.
So what is Anibale and the other seminarians with whom I have been discusing this issue on Twitter, to do?
As Catholics and/or priests they cannot tell a lie.They cannot agree with the irrational doctrinal position of the seminary.It is theology based on a factual error i.e people in Heaven are visible on earth who are exceptions to all needing to formally enter the Church with faith and baptism.
Even if they were to join another seminary where the Novus Ordo Mass is common the same lie is being taught there.So they do not have a choice.
Every Catholic seminarian throughout the world has to repeat the two lies.They are the basis for present day modernism in the Catholic Church. Liberals, trads and sedes are united in this common error of fact.They all use the two lies.
I could not accept these two lies as a seminarian at the Pontificial Maria Mater Ecclesiam seminary of the Legion of Christ in Rome.Neither could I accept it at  the Pontifical Beda College, the seminary for late vocations in Rome, under the liberal bishops of England and Wales.So I was asked to leave at both seminaries.Both these Catholic seminaries in Rome continue to interpret magisterial documents with the two lies.It is approved by popes and cardinals.
This is the Jewish left political requirement for the Catholic Church.The sedevantists follow it in ignorance. The Vatican out of neccessity.
So not surpriseinly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith did not mention the dogma EENS in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.A dogma of the Church defined by three Church Councils and which Pope Pius XII called an 'infallible teaching' was omitted from the Catechism!!
This is the Ratzinger-Schonborn catechism approved by Fr.John Hardon , which is generally interpreted by Catholics with the two lies.
An alternative interpretation of the Catechism which is traditional is still possible.It would be in agreement with the traditional understanding of the Catholic Faith, which is taught at the sedevacantist seminaries.Which seminary is going to admit that they were wrong all these years and had made a factual mistake' Not the Jesuits at the Gregorian University in Rome!
-Lionel Andrades


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George Brenner said...

No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church MUST always and only be taught, protected and defended by Catholics in all circumstances. If a Catholic, by the way which most do now teach and believe, that Jews, Moslems, Protestants and any non Catholic will be saved by their faith it then follows that the correct catechesis of No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church is meaningless. Don't Catholics understand that they have a command from Jesus Himself to teach the certainty of Salvation can only be achieved if one is Catholic. Any and all other means of salvation are outside the scope of Catholics to offer to non Catholics and are in the hands of God to determine their sanctity unknown to Catholics. If modern liberal Catholics had the same passion in teaching all how they will be saved by being Catholic as they did in projecting God's possible mercies which are unknown, we would not be in the crisis we are in the world today. It is no coincidence that morals in the world are unraveling since Catholics have all but abandoned true doctrine in their believes and teachings.


George Brenner