Monday, September 14, 2015

Michael Voris and CMTV still in magisterial heresy

Michael Voris has said on CMTV that every one does not need to be a card carrying member of the Church. This is magisterial heresy.

The CDF does not correct him.The Archdiocese of Detroit affirms the error for political reasons.So it still  does not make it correct.
I mentioned in a previous blog post 1 ' the CDF nor Church Militant TV (CMTV) is discussing the theology of Vatican Council II , in which Lumen Gentium 16 (LG 16) on such a wide scale, is considered explicit instead of implicit, objective instead of subjective,visible instead of invisible.
This issue should be a priority for the CDF and CMTV since the common error is related to the acceptance of Vatican Council II by the Society of St.Pius X (SSPX) and the Franciscans of the Immaculate (F.I). 2 It is also related to the irrational interpretation of Vatican Council II by Michael Voris at CMTV and cardinals and bishops in the USA including the Archdiocese of Detroit where CMTV is located.
The CDF needs to clarify that being saved in invincible ignorance of the Gospel through no fault of one's own(LG 16) or by following one's good conscience(LG 16) does not refer to any person known to us in the present times.These cases if they existed without the baptism of water, would be known only to God.
Since they do not exist in our reality in 2015 they cannot be considered exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS),which tells us all need to be formal members of the Church. All need to be 'card carrying' members of the Church for salvation.
Zero cases of something are not exceptions to EENS, says the apologist John Martignoni.The CDF must clarify that LG 16, LG 8, UR 3, NA 2 are not explicit, objective and visible in personal cases. They are zero cases in our reality today.
They are not exceptions or even relevant to the traditional, strict interpretation of the dogma EENS.
The CDF needs to clarify that the Holy Office (CDF) 1949 made an objective mistake in the Fr.Leonard Feeney case.The baptism of desire and baptism of blood are not visible, objective and explicit.So they are not exceptions to the Feeneyite version of EENS.There is no known salvation outside the Church, past or present.
This is an important issue . All the young consecrated men and women participating in the world meeting from Sept.15-19 at the Vatican, assume LG 16 refers to explicit, objective and seen in the flesh cases in Rome. 3
Once this is clarified for them and all Catholics, it will be easier for the SSPX and F.I to accept Vatican Council II in agreement with the old ecclesiology. There would be a hermeneutic of continuity with traditional EENS.
Vatican Council II would be in agreement with the ecclesiology of St.Giovanni Leonardi, St.Anthony Marie Claret,St.Maximillian Kolbe, St. Francis of Assisi, Don Bosco, St.Catherine of Siena...
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The SSPX and F.I must not be forced to accept Vatican Council II and LG 16, as being visible instead of invisible, in order to regularise their status.
On the other hand CMTV must be free to say LG 16 is always invisible for us and so it is not an exception to the Feeneyite version of the dogma EENS.Vatican Council II does not contradict Cantate Dominio, Council of Florence.The Archdiocese of Detroit and the Jewish Left offices must not expect CMTV to deny the faith with heresy, just to stay afloat.
It would nice to know if the Medugorje seers have to interpret LG 16 as being invisible or visible, hypothetical or a real apparition.-Lionel Andrades


CDF needs to clarify

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