Friday, October 2, 2015

Catholic schools in Italy not being allowed to teach the Catholic Faith

Immagine correlataLast month a protest demonstration was announced by the Catholic political organisation Forza Nuova, against gender theory. Also other Catholic organisations have been protesting against it being taught in schools.The same lobby which supports gender theory also supports homosexual unions, pornography, abortion and other things pro-Satan.
Satanic values are promoted as ' freedom of thought' rights, free thinking, liberty of beliefs and expression etc.
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But there is no liberty of expression and belief when Catholic students in religion classes, in Italy's schools, are not allowed to learn the Catholic Faith.Priests, nuns and lay school teachers are not allowed to teach it.
Catechism books are not allowed to state that Vatican Council II teaches that Catholics are the new people of God, the elect (Nostra Aetate), it is the one faith of God (UR 3) and all people need ' faith and baptism'(AG 7, LG 14) to avoid Hell.
According to Vatican Council II the Catholic understanding of Church, is one of having exclusive salvation, it is like the Ark of Noah, in which all need to enter to be saved from the Deluge.(CCC 845).
All this is not being taught to Catholic students in religion classes in schools. This is a  pro-Satanic policy.

Immagine correlataWhere are the Forza  Nuova, Militia Christi and Lega Nord protests against this?
The organisation Famiglia Domani, has conferences on gender theory, contraceptives, abortion etc but where is the conference on Catholic ecclesiology according to Vatican Council II ? This is a family catechesis  issue.
At the Jesuit Gregorian University, Rome they cannot teach the Catholic Faith to Catholics since they are threathened  with leftist Anti- Semitism and racist laws.This is part of the pro-Satan policy.
The media is 'free' to attack Catholic beliefs and teachings and the municipal libraries are 'free' to criticize the Church but the media and the libraries are not free to say Vatican Council II teaches that all need to convert into the Catholic Church to avoid Hell and that the Catholic religion is a continuation of the Jewish religion.The Mass is the Sacrifice which replaces the old sacrifice, the tabernacle is still there and houses the Eucharist with the Presence of God, like the ancient tabernacle with the Holy of Holies in a restricted section of the synagogue.The Old Testament too is taught to Catholics who are awaiting the coming  of the Messiah, a second time.Satan does not want all this to be known so it cannot be taught in a 'free society' .
No Catholic lay political or social organisation protests against this.May be they are not informed. They are not aware of these teachings of the Catholic Church. Or may be there is a threat by the pro-Satanic Left, which restricts freedom to evil things.
The Human Life International Rome  would protest against there being over 130,0000 abortions annually in Italy  but their new director Fr. Francesco Giordano  will not say Vatican Council II says all non Catholics need faith and baptism  for salvation and this should be taught to Catholic students in schools. He himself does not teach this in the  Ecclesiology course he teaches this semester at the University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome.
There is also a pro-Satan lobby within the Catholic Church which prevents this being taught in Catholic schools.
Immagine correlataCardinal Walter Kasper has said in an interview that just as ecclesiology has been changed the Church can change its teachings at this Months Synod , on the divorced and remarried being given the Eucharist.When he says ecclesiology has been changed, he means Vatican Council II does not say that Catholics are the new people of God,;the elect (NA) , all need faith and baptism for salvation(AG 7, LG 14).
Even though these statements are all there in Vatican Council II he will not proclaim it and not allow it to be taught at  Catholic universities, seminaries and schools.It would be contrary to the agenda of Satan and the Masons.
Dissenting cardinals will use Vatican Council II as a political slogan, like the non Catholic Left, even though the actual texts of Vatican Council II contradict them and this is unknown to Catholics from school to the university.
-Lionel Andrades

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