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Catholics are 'the new people of God ','the Church is the new people of God', the new Chosen People, the Elect, outside of which there is no salvation -Nostra Aetate 4, Vatican Council II

'the Church is the new people of God'
-Nostra Aetate 4,
Vatican Council II
To be fair, its not an official Church document.

Lionel: Agreed.
However the official Church documents also use
 Cushingism as a theology.
Redemptoris Missio is Christocentric and not with
 an exclusivist ecclesiology. It is Jesus without the
 necessity of the Church.
It promotes a false ecumenism.
Similarly the Vatican Document on Jews is also
  says Jesus without
the necessity of membership in the Church for
For Cardinal Ratzinger, Feeneyism ( there are
no known exceptions to the dogma EENS, no
explicit cases in our life time are possible) was
rejected.He accepted Cushingism ( there are
known exceptions to the dogma extra
ecclesiam nulla salus, there are explicit
cases in our life time and they are known
 and visible exceptions to EENS).
It this way Cardinal Ratzinger interpreted
Lumen Gentium 16 (invincible ignorance)
wih Cushingism. So Vatican Council II
 becomes a break with the dogma EENS
and the old ecclesiology. Since there is a
break with the old ecclesiology, magisterial
 documents are no more ecclesiocentric.
Theologically there is no exclusive
ecclesiology any more.
So for Cardinal Ratzinger there is a
hermeneutic of rupture with reference
 to Vatican Council II. There is also a
hermeneutic of rupture with the
interpretation of EENS.

I use Feeneyism so there is no such
 problem. I accept Vatican Council
II interpreted with Feeeneyism( LG 16
is not explicit and objective
for me) and there are no known
exceptions to EENS.

If you read the first paragraph, the preface, it actually says, "The
text is not a magisterial document or doctrinal teaching of the
Catholic Church..." Although it is a terrible text, thankfully this is
one of those times we can completely ignore it.

However we need to point out the
 underlying Cushing theology.

It also cites Nostra Aetate 4 falsely.
There is no change in theology
mentioned in NA 4. There is nothing
in the text.
In fact NA 4 says the very opposite
of their Jewish Left propaganda.
It saya the Church is the new people
 of God. Theologically it means
Catholics are the new people of God,
 they are the New Chosen people,
they have the Messiah, they are the
  elect and of course outside the
Catholic Church there is no salvation.


This "document" is like the modernist dream document that they wish
they could publish as an official teaching document, but was not

allowed to do so.
But for all practical purposes, for
 the pope and the Vatican Curia ,
it will be treated as a magisterial,
 official document.
No one has contradicted or
corrected it.Not even the SSPX.
-Lionel Andrades

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