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FIUV clarification needed

FIUV International Federation Una VoceFormer President of the Federation, Colonel James Bogle, with Archbishop Pozzo
Federation International Una Voce (FIUV) clarification needed
When we proclaim the Good News we say Jesus Died and is Risen to save all who believe in Him and live the teachings of the Gospel in the Catholic Church, the only Church Jesus founded outside of which there is no salvation.Salvation is open to all in potential but to receive this salvation all need to formally enter the Church (Dominus Iesus 20), 'all' need 'faith and baptism'(AG7 , LG 14).
This was the original proclamation of the Church.Catholics attended the Greek and Latin Mass with this proclamation. It was the proclamation of the Early Church, the Early Catholics, the first Christian communities.
Now the Federation International Una Voce (FIUV) has issued a statement proclaiming the necessity of believing in Jesus only for salvation.1 They imply that for salvation it is necessary to believe in Jesus with or without formal membership in the Catholic Church which He founded.It is Jesus with also the Lutheran, Anglican, Baptist, Pentecostal, Orthodox Christian and other Christian communities.It is Jesus without the Catholic Church.
This is heresy.
In a previous blog post 2  I have cited the Church documents it violates. This is a false ecumenism.
The liberal professor of theology at Oxford University Joseph Shaw, has accepted the new theology of Pope Pius XII.So for the FIUV Shaw will not affirm that there is exclusive salvation in only the Catholic Church and this was the original theology of the traditional Latin Mass.
Former presidents meet Cardinal RatzingerThe popes since Pius XII, by default, ignorance, or lack of courage have chosen the new theology, Cushingism. They have rejected traditional Feeneyism since the Jewish Left objects.The average Catholic does not know theology and is not aware that he or she is accepting theology, when they use Cushingism, which comes to us officially from Pope Pius XII's silence in the Boston Case.
Feeneyism says there are no known exceptions to the dogma EENS. There cannot be any known exception for us human beings, since exceptions are not visible and known.All need to formally enter the Church for salvation and the baptism of desire and blood , have no connection with the dogma on exclusive salvation in the Church, since they are invisible cases; zero cases in our reality, as the apologist John Martignoni puts it.
Image result for Archbishop Thomas E. GullicksonHe is supported by Archbishop Thomas E. Gullickson, the U.S Nuncio to the Ukraine  and  Fr. S. Visintin, the present Dean of Theology at the Benedictine University of San Anselm, in Rome.
Now we have the FIUV defending the traditional Latin Mass only as a rite, a ritual, and without the old theology.This is acceptable to Pope Francis and the modernist bishops in England- but it is also acceptable to Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider.
Joseph Shaw for the Latin Mass Society in England has posted on his blog LMS Chairman photographs of the English bishops offering the Latin Mass.It is offering Holy Mass with a heretical theology.
Similarly when Cardinal Raymond Burke offers the pontifical Latin Mass it is with  Cushingism.This is the non traditional theology based on a false premise ( dead-saved in Heaven are visible and known on earth) and inference ( these visible-dead in Heaven are explicit exceptions to traditional EENS, so all do not need to convert into the Church in the present times).This is the stuff of fantasy. This theology is based on fantasy.
Similarly when Bishop Athanasius Schneider offers the Traditional Latin Mass, it is with this same fantasy theology. He uses the same irrational premise and inference to discard the old ecclesiology and accept the modernist one.
I know this is an oversight on their part. It is an innocent mistake. Of course there is no ill will intended.May be in vague ways they know something was wrong but could not pin it down precisely to the cause i.e the irrational premise and inference.
The FIUV needs to clarify these points:-
1. They need to explain the two theologies, Cushingism and Feeneyism and clear up for us  which of the two they support and which they reject.
2.  If hopefully , they choose Feeneyism, they will have to re-interpret Vatican Council II.  Their position on LG 16, LG 8, UR 3, NA 2 etc with reference to the dogma EENS changes. Since with Feeneyism LG 16 etc refer to invisible cases and not visible persons.They have to make the explicit-implicit ,objective-hypothetical distinction.
3. They could clarify their position on the Revised Good Friday Prayer for the Conversion of the Jews, if they have chosen Feeneyism and have rejected Cushingism.
4. Also the second part of the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 has to be considered irrational and only the first part is acceptable.
5. With Feeneyism there would be no change in the Catholic Church's old ecclesiology on ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue.They must say this in a statement.3
-Lionel Andrades


The Prayer for the Jews used in the Extraordinary Form Good Friday Liturgy continues to be a source of comment and misunderstanding, and the FIUV wishes to respond as follows.

Statement by the President of the FIUV, Felipe Alanís Suárez

It was to avoid misunderstandings of the Prayer for the Jews that Pope Benedict XVI composed the 2008 version of the prayer, which is clearly based on what is essential to Christianity: the acceptance of Christ as the saviour of the whole world, and the desire that all persons be saved. Jews are mentioned because of their special role in the history of salvation, and the special concern we must have for our ‘elder brothers’ (as Pope St John Paul II called them). The prayer looks forward to the incorporation of the Jewish people, of which Our Lord Jesus Christ and His first disciples were all members, in the salvation won for the human race by Christ on the Cross, a reconciliation which, as St Paul teaches, will be fulfilled only towards the end of history.

The FIUV is convinced that any possible continuing misunderstanding regarding the Good Friday Prayer for the Jews can be resolved in the context of the Magisterium of the Church, without veiling the treasures of our Faith.

We, as faithful attached to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, acknowledge that to ask of our Lord for the grace of sharing with all our brothers the joy of salvation in Jesus Christ, is an act of humility and selfless love, and a spiritual work of mercy.

The FIUV entirely rejects all hatred and hostility towards the Jewish people, and all forms of unjust discrimination.

Rorate Caeili/Federation International Una Voce statement is heretical for what it does not say : there is exclusive salvation in only the Catholic Church
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