Monday, January 11, 2016

Comment on the Toronto Catholic Witness' blog post Pope Francis' video condemned by the Catechism of the Catholic Church ~ Rome has joined with Freemasonry to promote religious indifferentism

Catholic Missio, you are wrong my friend.

You and I do not and cannot know a case of the baptism of desire (BOD), with or without, the baptism of water.
So BOD is irrelevant to the dogma EENS. It is not an exception since it does not exist in our reality. It is not visible.For somoene to be an exception to all needing to formally enter the Church, he would have to exist, he would have to be known.
So the baptism of desire practically cannot be an exception to EENS.
Secondly over the centuries, those who referred to the baptism of desire never said these cases were known to us personally, or that they were exceptions to the dogma.
The inference was made in 1949 and so the error came into the Church.
It was a mistake.
So if a pope or or some Church authority says there are exceptions to the dogma EENS it is irrational. If someone mentions the BOD with reference to EENS as an exception it is irrational, non traditional and heretical.
Yet this is the teaching of the Church after 1949. This is magisterial. It is also magisterial heresy.
It contradicts the pre-Council of Trent magisterium.One magisterium contradicts another.
On the other hand when I interpret BOD as being invisible and a possibility known only to God and which will be followed by the baptism of water, since this is the dogmatic teaching, then BOD does not contradict EENS.Zero cases are not exceptions to EENS. The magisterial teachings of Church documents then are in harmony with the perennial magisterium of the Church on salvation and ecclesiology.There is no change in the ecclesiology of the Church.
The Toronto Catholic Witness is unknowingly using the liberal theology to reject the strict interpretation of the dogma EENS. So he does not say membership in the Church is necessary for salvation for all, but vaguely refers to the necessity of believeing in Christ for salvation, something which even the Protestants presently do.
-Lionel Andrades

 Toronto Catholic Witness uses same theology as Pope Francis and the liberal Curia

The initial fault of there being known salvation outside the Church is responsible for all this theological innovation


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