Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fr. Pierpaolo Petrucci, Superior General,SSPX , Italy makes the familiar SSPX error

Image result for Photo of Fr. Pier Paolo PetrucciIn the recent issue of La Tradizione Cattolica ( N.4(97) 2015) published by the SSPX, Italy ( Fraternita Sacerdotale San Pio X) Albano, Fr. Pierpaolo Petrucci, the Superior General continues to assume Vatican Council II has referred to known explicit cases, of persons saved without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church, who are explicit exceptions to the old ecclesiology. The old ecclesiology is Feeneyite and is based on the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

He has written an article 'Il concilio Vaticano II e la salvezza delle anime' in this issue.The explicit-implicit, visible-invisible mix up is there through most of the article.-Lionel Andrades

Convegno 2014

 JULY 20, 2015

No response from Fraternita Sacerdotale San Pio X (SSPX Italy) : doctrinal mess


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