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Pope Francis’ horrible, awful, embarrassing, no-good January prayer intention video January 11, 2016

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Can you say indifference?  Can you say kumbayah?  Aging hippie?  Materialist?
When I watched this, aside from feeling an enormous sickness in the pit of my stomach, my biggest sensation was one of profound embarrassment.  Embarrassment for the Pope and hangers on who produced this worldly abortion.  Disgust was another emotion.
It’s profoundly disgusting to see the Pope elevate heinously false religions and disaffected sects to any kind of equivalence with the Church.  But even more disgusting is his apparent willingness to forget the name Jesus Christ whenever his worldly ambitions necessitate doing so.

Oh, I really enjoy watching the muslim declare his belief in love.  Right…….sure thing.  Ask any woman in Stockholm, Cologne, Helsinki, or anywhere in the ummah just how much muslim men “love” them some women.
I’m sure most everyone has seen the video already.  I don’t think Rorate backed the clock up quite far enough when prognosticating what this pontificate would be like, it’s past 1977 and more like 1968.  The very heart of the Revolution, and also a time when the so-called ecumenical movement was really much more vibrant and a graver threat than it is today.  Obviously, there seems an effort afoot to recreate those “glory days.”
Louie Verricchio produced a new set of subtitles for the video to produce something that I think is, sadly, much more accurate:

“I enjoy the esteem of men, honoring their false gods and encouraging their rejection of the One True Faith”  Whether one believes this is the Pope’s deliberate intent, or not, practically speaking, can this be denied?
Do you find it too strong when Verricchio said Pope Francis denies Jesus Christ?  But isn’t ecumenism/interreligious dialogue as it is practiced by the progressive wing more or less predicated on that denial?
Look, this kind of worldly pap has been going on since Vatican II, there were these three things called Assisi, after all, but the really difficult to stomach aspect is this new video format all the Pope’s prayer intentions will be publicized in.  If the prayer intention had been merely verbal, it would have been banal and forgettable, but  in video format it becomes unforgivably worldly, cheap, and cloying.
Much more of this kind of thing to come as the year unfolds, I fear.  The papacy is being remade in ways it may be impossible to undo, short of a true saint/great miracle.
Look, I know for some readers this stuff is beyond old hat.  I know they are past done with the entirety of what might be called the institutional Church.  But there are many more who haven’t grasped the nature of the crisis.  I will continue to write for them, since I was one of them myself not long ago.

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