Friday, January 8, 2016

It's over a week and Italian newspapers have still not reported the thousands of Italian babies killed through abortion in local hospitals in 2015

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There were over 1,00,000 Italian babies who were killed in  abortions in Italy last year and the newspapers have still not mentioned it this week or in their December 31,2015 issue. Instead there have been so many reports about immigrant babies killed in the Mediterranean seas or during war.
The abortions were carried out in  public hospitals and was free for women who have an Italian health card. There are no special abortion clinics in Italy.
Italy has one of the most liberal abortion laws and now over 1,00,000 Italian babies are killed annually and this is not being reported by the mainline Italian newspapers.
Even the daily newspaper of the Italian bishops conference, Avvenire, has reports from Dec.31, 2015 to Jan. 3,2016 on infants being lost at sea by immigrants but nothing about the infants legally murdered in Italian society.
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Avvenire has a statement by the Italian President and Pope Francis affirming their commitment to immigration, mentioning specifically babies killed but there is nothing about the annual loss of over 1,00,000 Italian infants, through abortions in hospitals and the use of abortificient drugs.
The Avvenire correspondent mentioned 700 immigrant babies killed in 2015 but nothing about the hundreds of thousands of babies killed in the womb of a mother with the use of pincers and other surgical instruments.
-Lionel Andrades

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ITALY. Law No. 194 of 22 May 1978 on the social protection of motherhood and the voluntary termination of pregnancy. (Gazzetta Uficialee della Repubblica Italiana, Part I, 2 May 1978, No. 140, pp. 3642-3646).

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