Friday, January 8, 2016

The Catholic Church does not state that someone in 1949 or 1960-65 had the physical ability to see a person in Heaven saved without the baptism of water :so where is the baptism of desire case ?

Also explain what you understand by the term baptism of desire. What do you think that phrase means?
The baptism of desire for me refers to the hypothetical case of a catechumen who wishes to receive the baptism of water but dies before he does so.It is speculated that he will go to Heaven.

Yes for me this is a possibility and of course since he is in Heaven he will have received the baptism of water in the Catholic Church in a manner known only to God.

I personally have not seen or known a baptism of desire case with or without the baptism of water and the Church does not say that any one on earth has this gift of being able to see someone saved in Heaven without the baptism of water and with the baptism of desire.
The Church does not state that someone in 1949 or 1960-65 had the physical ability to see such a person in Heaven i.e saved without the baptism of water in the Church, saved outside the Church.So there are no physically known cases of this hypothetical case.-Lionel Andrades

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