Friday, February 19, 2016

Neither Chris Ferrara or Mark Shea were affirming the Feeneyite position on extra ecclesiam nulla salus

Comments from The Eponymous Flower : Ferrara vs. Shea Debate-- Mark Shea Must be a Feeneyite Now!

Chris Ferrara Vs Mark Shea 

Argument of the Month : Shea vs Ferrara Video

So despite having Shea admit that membership in the Church is necessary for salvation, it was really unclear just what church he was talking about, although for Ferrara never took him to task on this point, as Shea histrionically waved his hands about people listening to Relevant Radio and reading his books.

I don't think either of the two were affirming the Feeneyite position on extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

Objectively speaking Jews need to believe and be baptised or else be condemned - Chris Ferrara

Tear the Vatican Document on the Jews and throw it in the dustbin says Chris Ferrara

Chris Ferrara unknowingly uses an irrational premise and supports magisterial heresy

There can be mission Ad Gentes with Feeneyism or Cushingism. We can choose.For Pope Francis and the Jesuits it is mission with Cushingism

Chris Ferrara - Mark Shea debate : both are theologically rejecting the dogma EENS

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