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There can be mission Ad Gentes with Feeneyism or Cushingism. We can choose.For Pope Francis and the Jesuits it is mission with Cushingism

Chris Ferrara Vs Mark Shea

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Chris Ferrrara 1 has said that the trouble in the Church has begun with the introduction of  novelties. This ' is just an end point of a trajectory that began 50 years ago with three novelties into the life of the Church dialogue, inter religious dialogue and ecumenism and the result has been a defacto suspension of the Divine Commission of much of the human element of the Church...Church men'.So for him in the Church, there is no more the Great Commission to go out to people and seek their conversion to save their soul.
For me, dialogue and ecumenism is only an issue when the liberals and traditionalists theologically reject the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus by assuming there is known salvation outside the Church; there are known cases of people in Heaven who are there without the baptism of water.Both Chris Ferrara and Mark Shea assume, whether they know it or not, that hypothetical cases are objectively known, physically visible in 2016 and these hypothetical cases are explicit exceptions, to all needing to formally enter the Church; all needing to have their names on the Parish Baptism Register to avoid Hell.
So Chris says he affirms the teaching outside the Church there is no salvation but theologically, like the rest of the Church he assumes every one does not need to enter the Church. Mark Shea also says every one needs to believe in Jesus for salvation, all religions are not the same and that we pray for the coversion of souls but theologically there are exceptions to the Feeneyite version of the dogma EENS, for him.
So for them it would be normal to have inter- religious dialogue or ecumenism asssuming there are known exceptions to the dogma EENS. I call this Cushingism.
Chris does not like dialogue and ecumenism  over the last 50 years. It clearly is being done with Cushingism. For Mark Shea it would be normal to have dialogue with Cushingism, and since there is salvation outside the Church for Cushingites, he could see Protestants and other Christians being saved who are not formal members of the Church. So for him every one would not have to have to be a card carrying member of the Catholic Church to be saved.This is the ecumenism which Chris Ferrara objects to.
So they both agree that our mission is to call people into the Church and the Holy Spirit would do the conversion while we only witness to the Faith. However they both mean that we should witness as Cushingites. This is their error.
Since there is a choice.
They do not know about the choice.
They can also evangelise and witness, if they want to, as Feeneyites and not Cushingites. Ecumenism and inter religious dialogue is not a problem when the theology used is Feeneyite; when the ecclesiology in the interpretation of Vatican Council II for example, is based on exclusivism.With an excluvist ecclesiology inter religious dialogue and ecumenism is traditional. This would be possible simply by recognising hypothetical cases as being hypothetical only. It's as simple as this.It is so simply that all of us have overlooked it all this time.
There can be mission Ad Gentes with Feeneyism or Cushingism. We can choose.For Pope Francis and the Jesuits it is mission with Cushingism.
-Lionel Andrades

Chris Ferrara - Mark Shea debate : both are theologically rejecting the dogma EENS

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