Wednesday, April 6, 2016

God’s colors - Michael Brown

God’s colors

From the mail:
Did you ever notice how much modern man tries to copy Heaven?
There are colors: Our artificial tones are increasingly splendiferous, like you hear about in descriptions of “the other side.” Look at cinema. Look at the sets on TV. Look at expensive clothes. Look at the luminous hues on some of the new cars, especially luxury ones. (We create those colors, however — those hues — with chemicals.)
The fantastic verdancy of Heaven — the shrubs, the hedgerows, the trees, the ponds, the fountains — we attempt, at the wealthiest of our homes, to imitate with landscaping.
In so many ways do we try with our money and technology to bring Heaven to earth — or better  said, re-create it. Man as creator. Yet, no matter how much we strive for what is lustrous, we can’t come close to equaling the beauty and the grandeur and the ineffability of Heaven, nor even the marvels on earth, in nature: the sky on the most glorious day, the seething red of a volcano, a cerulean sea, the iridescence of feathers.
Compassion is language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
~Mark Twain~  

Carry a heart that never hates
 , a smile that never fades   and a touch that never hurts.

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