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The two popes and most of the Jesuits assume there is known salvation outside the Church. Upon this irrationality(personally knowing people saved or about to be saved without Catholic faith and the baptism of water) they have based their new theology in faith and morals

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By the way, let us not forget that it was none other than ex-Pope Benedict who just recently stated categorically that EENS was "abandoned" by Vatican 2.
Yes since he uses an irrational premise and inference to interpret Vatican Council II and also EENS.If he avoids the irrationality LG 16 for example, would be invisible for us and not visible and so it would not contradict EENS( Feeneyite).Vatican Council II would be 'rigorist' on EENS.

This happened before the recent vomiting of heresy from Pope Francis.
 Pope Francis is following the same Cushingite theology ( i.e there are known exceptions to EENS) as Pope Benedict.
He is also following the same liberal moral theology as Pope Benedict. For them there are known exceptions to the moral teachings of the Church for example, on mortal sin.
So the three conditions of mortal sin are not speculative cases, possibilities known only to God for them. They are known to the popes! Human conditions and situations, which are explicit!. Since they are personally known to humans they become exceptions to the traditional teaching on mortal sin.
So Amoris Laetitiae says that a couple living in an irregular situation ( concubinage) cannot always be considered to be in mortal sin. Since for him (Pope Francis)  there are known exceptions.
So they have changed the traditional faith and moral teachings of the Church and it is also there in the Catechism(1992) edited by Cardinal Ratzinger and Cardinal Schonborn. It is accepted by Cardinal Burke. Even Steve Skojec seems to be using the same reasoning. Since on the video ( he made at home) he mentions the three conditions of mortal sin without clarifying that they are not known to us.We cannot say that any particular couple ,living in adultery will not go to Hell because of ignorance or some other factor.This is something only God can know and judge. The general rule is that un-Confessed mortal sins lead to Hell.

And nobody really made much of a thing of it. When, in my opinion, his vague acceptance of the "abandonment" of EENS was just as egreg ious.
 It was heresy.For the first time Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict came out in public and said it.Imagine a pope abandoning a dogma defined by three Councils and he is doing it by assuming we humans can see people in Heaven saved without the baptism of water in the Church. Then he postulates that these 'visible-dead' cases are general exceptions to EENs. The whole Church buys this. This is the official magisterial heresy and no one is complaining.

But then seriously, with the state of the Church as it is, can one not be "merciful" in cutting a Baptist some slack if he doesn't want to join what to him appears to be a bunch of sodomites who have left the realm of Christianity entirely?
 For salvation it is necessary to believe in Jesus as Peter told the Jailer. If the jailer died immediately he could be saved. However over time it was necessary for the jailer, after being baptised with water, to know the teachings of Jesus in the new Church, the new community and to follow them for salvation.That Early Church was the Catholic Church. The Early Christians were Catholics.
The Catholic Church is necessary for a Christian who wants to follow Jesus . It is important that he or she becomes a formal member of the Catholic Church and follows the traditional teachings.

The issue with EENS is, to me, this: Pope Pius IX WARNED us that tho invincible ignorance could protect a person eternal damnation due to dying outside the Church,
There is no case of a person being saved in invincible ignorance outside the Church. We humans cannot know someone saved outside the Church i.e without faith and baptism.
St.Thomas Aquinas says that if there is a man in the forest in invincible ignorance, who is to be saved, God would send a preacher to him.
In 2016 I do not know of any one saved outside the Church and who is an exception to the dogma EENS, because of invincible ignorance.
it is a doctrine we should not investigate too much, since...and he was right...the obsession with it leads exactly to where the Pope appears to be {and wher e it seems most Catholics ARE} where all religions are just fine thank you and the atonement is irrelevant or applicable e to all; universalism.
 The two popes and most of the Jesuits assume there is known salvation outside the Church. Upon this irrationality(personally knowing people saved or about to be saved without Catholic faith and the baptism of water) they have based their new theology in faith and morals.

But then Pope Leo XIII warned us against socialists in Quod Apostolici Muneris and Pope St Pius X warned us about modernism in Pascendi
The Catechism of Pope Pius X assumes 'the desire thereof', mentioned in the Council of Trent, refers to a known exception to the dogma EENS. It assumes this desire is the same as the baptism of desire. This was the error in the earlier catechism, the Baltimore Catechism. This is modernisn in both these catechisms. Since no one during that time knew of someone saved with 'the desire there of' and without the baptism of water. So it was only speculation.Also like the baptism of water, we cannot give any one the baptism of desire. The baptism of water is physically visible and is repeatable. This is not true for the new baptism of desire.This was not considered by Pius X. This is subtle modernism. It was the theoretical basis for the rebellion in 1949 by the liberals in Boston in the Fr.Leonard Feeney case.They could cite the two catechisms as a precedent for rejecting the dogma EENs
and Pope Pius XI and XII clarified the Church position on communism and the CCC for crying out loud says collectivism in any form and the Catholic principle of subsidiarity are mutually exclusive and what about Fatima!

Truth is, Catholics have been forewarned about the evils this Pope an d his heretic sodomite friends promote, and yet their creeping advance has now become a Blitzkrieg.

Maybe, just maybe, God is allowing us this challenge to show us His mighty arm? That in our weakness, He is strong?

Would that it be so.

 Our Lady has prepared us for these times in present day apparitions and locutions (Akita, locutions to Fr.Stefano Gobbi, the controversial Maria Divine Mercy who repeated the messages and warnings in previous apparitions of Our Lady etc) and those of the past ( Fatima, La Salette etc).
What Maria Divine Mercy said about the Eucharist and Pope Francis and arrogance, is not far off the mark.Even at Akita Our Lady said that the Eucharist will be compromised and this will be acceptable to religious.
-Lionel Andrades

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