Monday, May 16, 2016

Father Carota Update

Traditional Catholic Priest    
by Fr. Peter Carota

May 14, 2016

Father Carota Update

That is the only update I can provide at this moment.
Father has been sick since late summer last year. He hasn’t posted anything new but 3 times since then. Many of the articles were re-posted from things he wrote a few years ago, some were from what I wrote, and most were writings from the saints that I put up to continue the blogging.
This blog has been about Father’s journey and how he has helped many people grow in faith and how he has helped them to rediscover tradition. As such, it is hard for others to write on this blog, or to post much of anything because the main writer is not well enough to do so. The personality that we have grown to love and care for is missing, because he is not able to continue writing.
Father has sought treatment for his unidentified issues and has not found any solution for them. He continues to grow weaker and is unable to eat much or drink water. Many people have wanted to know what has been done and how they can help. Father’s brother is a doctor and they have done/tried many things to figure out what is wrong and they simply do not know and he continues to not improve.
The best way you can help, is to pray for healing for Father, and to pray for him to have peace throughout this time and that God’s will may be accomplished.
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