Friday, July 15, 2016

Expedience all around

The Anonymous Catholics critical of Amoris Laetitita suggested that Amoris Laetitia is heretical but did not state that Pope Francis and the cardinals are heretical. Amoris Laetitia accepts philosophical subjectivism in moral theology which they themself use in salvation theology.
They will not traditional salvation theology.In it the baptism of desire was only  hypothetical.Instead now it is assumed that it is objective in 2016 and so is a practical exceptions to extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS).This is politically correct with the Left.So it is continued even though it is irrational and heretical.
They are not willing to acknowledge that just as they are being prudent and expedient the pope could be doing the same.
They accomodate the Masons and the rest of the Left and the pope could be doing the same.He may want to protect his life and to protect the Vatican.
They know the Catholic Faith like me but are not willing to proclaim it.
On the other hand,in a good example, which the Anonymous Signatories could emulate, this week we have Michael Voris proclaim the Faith clearly .It the Vortex On Being Saved.

He avoided the new theology.
Cardinal Robert Sarah celebrates Mass in Haiti in 2010 (CNS)
Image result for Photo of Cardinal vinceNT Nichols
It is with this theology , which violates the Principle of Non Contraduction that Cardinal Robert Sarah and Cardinal Vince Nicols , profess the new faith, during Holy Mass.
Their new theology is based on an irrational premise. It is being able to see people in Heaven ( or earth) saved without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church. Then they conclude that these 'explicit' persons, are visible exceptions to all needing to enter.All do not need to enter the Church visibly; with faith and baptism, for them.These allegedly seen in the flesh persons are exceptions, for them, of salvation outside the Church;outside the visible bounds of the Church.
So when they offer Mass, pray or sermonise, they believe that in 2016 non Catholics are saved outside the Church, so non Catholics do not need to be formal members of the Church. An ecumenism of return is not necessary, since there is salvation outside the Church for them.
The Nicene Creed's'I believe in one baptism ( known) for the forgivness of sins' is changed to 'I believe in three or more known, visible for us baptisms, like the baptism of water.They are the baptism of desire and blood, being saved ininvincible ignorance etc'.
The teaching on the Social Reign of Jesus Christ over all political legislation has changed.Since now their are exceptions.So why should every one accept the Social Reign of Christ the King when there is salvation outside the Church it is asked?
The Athanasius Creed which says outside the Church there is no salvation is made obsolete.
Vatican Council II has to be accepted with this error and re-interpreted  with this error.It is the same with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.So also with Redemptoris Missio and Dominus Iesus, which are based on the new theology.
This is all ' a new faith' at the Latin Mass facing ad orientem or at Mass in the vernacular  facing the people.This is the new faith of the Anonymous Signatories critical of Amoris Laetitia.This is the new faith taught by Fr.Brian Harrison, John Lamont and Joseph Shaw, non anonymous signatories, when they are at Holy Mass.
On the other hand,for me the baptism of desire is a hypothetical case and it is not objectively visible in 2016. So that there cannot be visible exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus according to the 16th century missionaries.There are no known exceptions to the interpretation of extra ecclesiam nulla salus,according to Fr. Leonard Feeney of Boston.
So I do not follow the new faith during the Mass in any rite,ad orientem or facing the people.
Many of the Anonymous Signatories  know what I am saying.However it is expedient to be anonymous. -Lionel Andrades

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