Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jewish Left, Vatican interpretation of Vatican Council II is based on bad philosophy and theology : Vox Cantoris can reject it and re interpret Vatican Council II

I interpret Vatican Council II without the irrational premise ( BOD is explicit and known) and non traditional conclusion( BOD is an exception or relevant to EENS,Vatican Council II contradicts EENS).The Jewish Left is forcing the SSPX to accept Vatican Council II with the irrational premise and conclusion.Any priest who does not rubber stamp this irrationality cannot be incardinated in Rome.It is only lay Catholics who can freely talk about it.Priests in Rome are afraid even to say that they physically cannot see any baptism of desire( BOD) or being saved in invincible ignorance(I.I) case in the city.
I wrote two pieces over the last two days hoping the lay bloggers in general and Vox Cantoris in particular would understand me.But Vox did not.
The error programmed over 50 years is strong in the minds of the traditionalists.They cannot get rid of it and the contemporary magisterium instead of helping out is really enforcing the illusion for political reasons.
Lay Catholics who want to get past this duplicity simply have to ask where are the BOD and I.I cases today? Since if there are no known cases of BOD and I.I in our reality how can these unknown persons be exceptions to all needing to enter the Church; exceptions to EENS? So if the magisterium says BOD and I.I are exceptions to EENS it is a mistake. If Pope Francis or Pope Pius XII said BOD and I.I are exceptions to EENS it still is a mistake. The Letter of the Holy Ofice 1949 made a mistake and it was a mistake for Vatican Council II to accept and not correct the mistake in the Marchetti Letter of the Holy Office 1949.
Vox Cantoris can still be a traditionalist and affirm that there are is no known case and there cannot be any case, of BOD and I.I in 2016.
He can still attend the Traditional Latin Mass  and affirm that we cannot meet someone on the strees saved with BOD and I.I with or without the baptism of water.
He can still interpret and accept all magisterial documents without the irrationality ( new premise and conclusion).

So traditionalists, and all Catholics can reject the recent joint document issued by the Jewish Left and the Vatican on inter religious dialogue.It was based on irrational philosophy and theology.
It's foundation is philosophical subjectivism.It  assumes BOD and I.I can be known and judged in personal cases.Yet we know that this is impossible for us humans.

Then upon this subjectivism a new theology has been created which says there is known salvation outside the visible Church.There is even the Anonymous Christian it is speculated who is saved without being a formal member of the Catholic Church and this person is personally known, he is saved outside the Church.
This is false theology.We cannot see someone in Heaven or on earth saved without 'faith and baptism'.So there cannot be an exception to the dogma EENS.How can any one claim that there is known salvation outside the Church?
We are not denying BOD and I.I.It it exists it will be known only to God.However we are denying that BOD and I.I is an exception to EENS.That's all.
It is similar to Perfect Contrition.I am not denying that a person can be saved with Perfect Contrition.I am only saying that personally we cannot know of someone saved with Perfect Contrition and without the Sacrament of Confession.So Perfect Contrition cannot be considered an exception to all needing the Sacrament of Penance.
When Vatican Council II and the Catechism of the Catholic Church mention BOD and I.I we accept them as being hypothetical cases.We don't reject BOD and I.I we only reject in principle that hypothetical cases of the BOD and I.I can be explicit in the present times, for them to be exceptions to EENS.BOD was never an exception to the Feeneyite interpretation of EENS.
We do not reject the possibility of someone being saved with BOD or I.I( followed by the baptism of water for me) but we reject that they are examples of salvation outside the Church in the present times, in 2016 in Rome for example.
So BOD and I.I were never relevant to all needing faith and baptism(AG 7, LG 14).
This is what the traditionalists need to understand.
Otherwise the liberals will accuse them of being in schism or being dissenters for not accepting an irrational version of Vatican Council II.They need to understand that Vatican Council II does not contradict EENS if BOD and I.I refer only to hypothetical cases.They must know that the magisterium and the Left have made the mistake.It is a doctrinal mistake.-Lionel Andrades
David Domet a dissenter?

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