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So there is law at the Vatican.They are enforcing heresy and are supported by 'the faithful'

tumblr_o7cabxvH7u1vsyjupo1_1280From Hilary White's blog : Rule of law? Rule of ME
John Lamont:
What has happened is that the law is not enforced or obeyed by the supreme authorities in the Church. This situation did not begin with Pope Francis, as you point out, but it has gone further and faster with him than with previous popes.

It also means that  the teachings of the Church are not being  enforced or obeyed by the supreme authorities in the Church due to political or personal considerations. It is the same when the traditionalists also do not obey the teachings of the Church to protect their reputation or life style or to avoid offending the political Left.
The Traditionalists interpret Vatican Council II according to the contemporary magisterium and the Left.They say they accept it and the liberals say they reject it.But the reasoning, the new theology, is the same for all of them.
The traditionalists will not affirm the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus without the new theology and this is being enforced by the magisterium and the Left. This is the new law.
So there is law at the Vatican.They are enforcing heresy and are supported by 'the faithful'.
We cannot always judge the motivations of the Vatican Curia and ecclesiastics  just as we cannot judge the Traditional Latin Mass by those who attend them.The human factor is there in both cases. Emotions and personal interests are involved.
Hilary White(Blog: What's Up with Francis Church) and Ann Banhardt(Blog: Barnhardt) do not think vulgar language is a sin.The end justifies the means.There could be similar views in the Vatican too.
David Domet(Vox Cantoris) received a 'Catholic divorce' from a liberal Bishop and priest.He has an annulment. His first wife is alive. Domet  used the Protestant argument i.e the marriage was not valid in the first place. With this argument annulments are being mass produced. Sacramental marriage is not always valid is the new law being enforced.
Louie Verrecchio(AKA Catholic)  is married to a Jew who is outside the Church according to the dogma on exclusive salvation in the Church. He is in adultery.But he justifies his position with a dispensation from a liberal Novos Ordo parish.Domet and Verrecchio are otherwise critical of the Novos Ordo Mass and Novus Ordo parishes.So this same factor could be operating with the Pope and the Vatican cardinals.

Even Catholic traditionalists like John Lamont. Joseph Shaw and Thomas Pink will not interpret Vatican Council II rationally, that is hypothetical cases not being explicit in 2016. Since there will be political and social repercussion which will affect their careers as professors
-Lionel Andrades

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