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SSPX is not in full communion since they will not accept a heretical interpretation of Vatican Council II unlike the popes and Vatican Curia

Traditionalist St. Pius X society 

abandons unification, claims 

Francis spreading errors

A traditionalist group of Catholic bishops and priests
 that has been separated from the wider Church
 for decades appears to have abandoned efforts
 to reunite with Rome, releasing
 a statement Wednesday that claims Pope Francis is 
encouraging the spreading of errors in Church teaching. 
The Society of St. Pius X, founded by the late French 
Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1970 mainly in opposition
 to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, says 
now it “does not primarily seek a canonical recognition”
 from the Vatican for its continuing activities. 
There are 'reforms of the Second 
Vatican Council' only if Vatican
 Council II is interpreted with
 Cushingism instead of Feneeyism
 as a theology.
If the Society interprets Vatican
 Council II(Feeneyite) they have 
canonical status. Since they
 are accepting Vatican Council II
 ( Feeneyite) and they are 
intepreting ecumenism, 
religious liberty and inter-religious
dialogue with the old 
ecclesiology based on 
extra ecclesiam nulla salus 
(Feeneyite).Canonical status would 
be there right.Since they are accepting
Vatican Council II without heresy.

The society also says there is a “great
 and painful confusion that currently 
reigns in the Church” that “requires 
the denunciation of errors that have 
made their way into it and are
 unfortunately encouraged 
by a large number of pastors, including
 the Pope himself.” 
 Lionel:Yes they
 are all interpreting Vatican Council II, 
the Catechism of the Catholic
 Church, the Nicene Creed and 
the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla 
salus (EENS) with Cushingism 
instead of traditional Feeneyism.

The statement, released on the society’s
website, seems to eliminate chances that
 the group might reunite with Rome. 
Popes have tried to repair relations over
 four decades. 
 There can be untiy if the traditionalists 
announce that they prefer to interpret all
 magisterial documents with the Feeneyite 
theology, since it is rational and traditional.
 They could ask the Vatican Curia to do the
 same.This option is still there.

Pope Benedict XVI made the most effort 
to reunite with the group, lifting the 
excommunications of four of their
 bishops in 2009. Those efforts ultimately 
failed when Bishop Bernard Fellay, 
their current superior general, rejected
 a doctrinal statement drafted by the 
Vatican for the group to sign.  
Pope Benedict XVI wanted the
 SSPX to interpret Vatican Council II 
and the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla 
salus,with innovative Cushingism.
In this way Vatican Council is 
 a break with Tradition on ecumenism,
 salvation, other religions,religious 
liberty etc.It would be heresy for the
 SSPX to accept Vatican Council II
 interpreted with Cushnigism.

Wednesday’s statement is made in 
Fellay’s name and comes as the global 
Catholic Church is celebrating the 
feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, the
 founders of the Church in Rome.  
 They both affirmed  outside the
Church there is no salvation.

Fellay says he is making the
 statement following a June 25-28 
meeting of the society’s superiors 
and gives four numbered points 
based on the premise that the 
purpose of the group “is chiefly
 the formation of priests, the 
essential condition
 for the renewal of the Church 
and for the restoration
 of society.” 
 However Bishop Fellay is not
aware that the new priests are being 
formed with the new theology, the 
Cushingite theology. Cushingism is based 
upon a philosphical error, an empirical 
error. Then upon this irrational the new 
Cushingite theology was created.It is the 
bases of the Anonymous Christian 
theology of Fr. Karl Rahner S.J.
The statement ends with a paragraph 
that begins: “The Society of Saint Pius
 X prays and does penance
 for the Pope, that he might have
 the strength to proclaim Catholic
 faith and morals in their entirety.” 
In faith and morals the pope
 rejects traditional teaching with
 philosphical subjectivity.
He assumes there are subjectively 
known cases of the baptism of desire
 etc which are exceptions to the dogma 
EENS. In Amoris Laetitia he also 
assumed that there were subjectively
 known cases, who were practical 
exceptions,to being in mortal sin.
The SSPX rejects subjectivism in moral
theology but accepts it in salvation theology, 
since Archbishop Lefebvre did the same.

The society’s statement comes less than 
three months after Francis met with Fellay
 for the first time at the Vatican in April.  

The Pope had earlier indicated a move 
toward unity between the wider Church and 
the traditionalist society with the opening 
of the ongoing Jubilee year of mercy last fall. 
 He still has not removed restrictions on 
Fr.Stefano Manelli F.I and the Franciscans
 of the Immaculate priests who want to
 offer the Traditional Latin Mass. 
He has closed down the F.I seminary.

In a September letter to the 
Pontifical Council for the Promotion 
of the New Evangelization, 
which is organizing the holy year on his behalf,
 he explained that members of the society would 
be granted faculties during the year to offer 
absolution of sins “validly and licitly” to those
 who approach them for confession. 
In a March interview posted on the society’s website
, Fellay had before said he thought Francis may
 consider his group as existing on the “periphery”
 and thus needing to be accompanied back to the 
It is believed that the Jewish Left derailed 
the unification agreement since they want
 the SSPX to interpret Vatican Council II 
with Cushingism and to accept the 
irrational conclusion of this irrational
The SSPX uses irrational Cushingism,
 like Pope Francis, but does not accept 
the conclusion. Pope Francis accepts this 
Vatican Council II(Cushingite) which  is a
 break with Tradition. 
They both do not interpret Vatican 
Council II with Feeneyism.

Outside of the faculties granted 
during the Jubilee year, members
 of the traditionalist society are 
considered not to be in full 
communion with Rome and, in 
normal circumstances, its priests 
and bishops cannot exercise Roman
 Catholic ministry.  
They are not in full communion 
since they will not accept a heretical 
interpretation of Vatican Council II,
approved by the Jewish Left, for the 
Catholic Church.

[Joshua J. McElwee is Vatican Correspondent 
for the National Catholic Reporter.] 

Traditionalist St. Pius X society

 abandons unification, claims

 Francis spreading errors


JUNE 6, 2016

FSSP and SSPX priests need to know that there is a mistake in the Letter of the Holy Office and Vatican Council II: there is an irrational premise

False reasoning from the Letter is all
 over Vatican Council II: Abp Lefebvre 
did not notice it -3

False reasoning from the Letter is all over Vatican

 Council II: Abp Lefebvre did not notice it -2

False reasoning from the Letter is all over Vatican 

Council II: Abp Lefebvre did not notice it -1

The Letter made a mistake. Archbishop 
Lefebvre did not notice it

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