Saturday, August 6, 2016

Archbishop Lefebvre was a modernist too Christopher Ferrara must concede this

What is unprecedented is the nuancefree, shockingly blunt manner in which Francis pursues a relentless progressivism quite in line with the disastrous “new orientation” of the Church since Vatican II and the course already set by his two immediate predecessors. Where John Paul II and Benedict exhibited intellect and nuance in their embrace and defense of novelty, Francis pursues the continuing mysterious auto-demolition of the Church with all the vulgarity and recklessness of a politician in a hurry to impose his will before the next election.- Christopher Ferrara  In Defense of Francis
Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was part of 'the new orientation' of the Church as is Chris Ferrara when they accepted the non existing case of the catechumen who was saved without the baptism of water, when no one knew or could know of any such person. They accepted this innovation in salvation theology.
Since then the novelties in doctrine and praxis have followed. The traditionalists will still  not correct this modernism which they vaguely blame on Vatican Council II, which really is traditionalist without the innovation. They accept the modernism, the innovation in the Church,  since they believe it was approved by Pope Pius XII.They consider him important, unike the popes who followed.-Lionel Andrades
August 5, 2016
Did Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre realize that the baptism of desire(BOD) issue was a mistake and there really was no BOD?

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