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Archbishop Lefebvre was not obliged to accept Vatican Council II Cushingite instead of Vatican Council II Feeneyite and yet this was expected of him by the magisterium

Comments from the blog 1Peter 5: Abp. Pozzo on SSPX: Disputed 
Vatican II Documents Are Non-Doctrinal

He clearly established his own church and secretly established his own commissions that he admitted supplanted the juridical decisions of the One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church Jesus established and his secret commissions replaced the authoritative judgements of the Roman Rota and yet I am supposed to ignore all of that?
Lionel : He was faced with 
magisterial heresy. There was
 widespread change in 
doctrine.Rome had left 
the Faith and still has.
You demand blind obedience of a schismatic and you call that traditionalism.
Lionel: There cannot be blind 
obedience to a magisterium 
which interprets Vatican Council
 II as a break with Tradition
 and ignores a rational 
and traditional alternative.
It was the Abbe de Nantes who broke the story of Lefebvre's petit ecclesia to the trad world:
I read virtually everything Lefevbre wrote


Both Pope Saint John Paul II (Ecclesia Dei) and then Cardinal Ratzinger (Address to the Bishops of Chile) publicy declared Lefevere was in schism.
Lionel: They had approved
 the new theology.The new
 theology was irrational.
 It changed Catholic doctrine.
In a sense this was schism,
 except, that they were the 
Those succoring the schism never accept the legitimacy of that decision or the authority of the Pope to do what the did and in that they y'all are like all other schismatics.
You were wise to try and change the subject from facts to emotion because Lefevbre had been caught out as a schismatic who had created his own church as the documentation at the link showed.
Lionel: He was not obliged
 to accept Vatican Council II 
Cushingite instead of Feeneyite.
He was not obliged to accept
 EENS Cushingite instead of 
Feeneyite. He was not obliged 
to accept the Nicene Creed 
Cushingite instead of Feeneyite
 and yet this was what was
 expected of him by Pope John
 Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger.
They still expect this of the
 SSPX today. After so many
 years there is no clarification 
or correction from the Vatican.
The funny things now is that y'all are excited about reconciliation with a Pope and a Church y'all have routinely called heretical.
Lionel: The heresy can
 be eliminated. Theologically
 and doctrinally we can 
return to rationality 
and orthodoxy. The choice
 is still there.
Y'all have your own church and in the future y'all be just the western version of the Orthodox schismatics.
Big deal...

Papal Infallibility seems to be the bugbear.
The sspx has now come to reject Infallibility vis a vis Canonisations
Notice that it claims that God has the last word which is a mealy-mouthed way to reject the infallible judgement exorcise by the Catholic Church when it comes to Canonistaions.
Lionel: The magisterium 
rejected the infallibility 
of the pope ex cathedra when 
it eliminated the defined
 dogma extra ecclesiam nulla
 salus which Pope Pius XII 
called 'an infallible teaching'
( Letter of the Holy Office 1949).
Since the dogma EENS
( Feeneyite) was changed into
 the 'the dogma EENS
(Cushingite) the infallibility
 of the pope ex cathedra was
Image result for Photos of Fr.Hans Kung S.J

Fr.Hans Kung S.J considered 
this a virtue of Vatican Council 
II and praised Fr.John Courtney
 Murray S.J. Since with explicit 
-for us -LG 16 the dogma
 EENS was eliminated. Since
 there was alleged salvation
 outside the Church.
Archbishop Lefebvre knew
 all this was wrong.He could
 also see the praxis of the
 new doctrinal position
 of the Church.Ecclesiastical
 Masonry was in schism.
-Lionel Andrades

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