Thursday, August 11, 2016

If the Vatican regularises the SSPX and they could do so, it will not have cleared up the doctrinal issue.It will be also be assumed that the SSPX accepts Vatican Council II with the doctrinal error, with heresy


Abp. Pozzo on SSPX:
 Disputed Vatican II Documents 
Are Non-Doctrinal

Oh PLEASE stop the Chinese water torture. If the
 disputed documents are not doctrinal--big surprise, 
I've been saying that for the past 20 years
 because it is completely obvious---then the 
adherents of SSPX already are "in full
Lionel: If in principle hypothetical
 cases  are considered objective
 in 2016 then Vatican Council II 
is a break with Tradition.The
 Council itself is not doctrinal.
If this error in reasoning is not
 there, then Vatican Council II 
is in harmony with Tradition( the
 dogma extra ecclesiam nulla
 salus, an ecumenism of 
returun and the traditional
 ecclesiology on religious 
liberty, the Nicene Creed etc).
And yet Benedict XVI declared in connection 
with the lifting of the excommunications
 that the obstacle to "full communion" IS 
doctrinal, but without specifying the
 "doctrine" at issue. Except that the
 disputed points were clearly never
 doctrinal in the first place, as Pozzo
 now admits.
Lionel: The 'doctrine at 
issue' is the theological 
innovation which changes
 traditional Catholic 
doctrine.The innovation
 is accepted by Pope
 Benedict, Archbishop
 Pozzo and the SSPX.
When will the nonsense and the 
double talk end? Enough already.
 Just issue the piece of paper that
 regularizes their canonical situation
 exactly the way it is.
Lionel: If the Vatican
 regularises the SSPX 
and they could do so, 
it will not have cleared
 up the doctrinal issue.It 
will be also be assumed
 that the SSPX accepts 
Vatican Council II with
 the doctrinal error, with 
Talk about Pharisees and doctors 
of the law! Good grief.
Lionel: The same 
doctrinal error is made
 by Christopher Ferrara,
 John Vennari and Michael 
Matt, whose writings I
otherwise appreciate.
-Lionel Andrades

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