Monday, September 12, 2016

Fr. Daniel Couture,SSPX District Superior, Canada mixes up invisible cases as being visible and so rejects the traditional exclusivist ecclesiology of the Catholic Church

Neither the SSPX USA or Econe have issued a statement on the Vatican Document on Christian-Jewish Dialogue.However the District Superior in Canada has correctly criticised the document but excludes mentioning the necessity of membership in the Catholic Church for salvation - this is heresy. He could not mention it. Since for the SSPX there are known exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus .The baptism of desire and blood and being saved in invincible ignorance are exceptions (explicit) to the old ecclesiology based on the dogma (Cantate Dominio, Council of Florence 1441 etc).1

Fr.Daniel Couture could not say in his statement that all Jews need to formally enter the Catholic Church for salvation, since he assumes Lumen Gentium 16, Lumen Gentium 8 etc refer to visible cases in the present times. So they are examples, for him, of people who have been saved in 'invincible ignorance' or with 'elements of sanctification and truth' -and without the baptism of water.He infers it is without the baptism of water even though the text of Vatican Council II does not specifically say so.

If the District Superior would assume LG 16 and LG 8 referred to invisible for us cases, then Vatican Council II would be Feeeneyite it would affirm the exclusivist ecclesiology of St. Robert Bellarmine and St. Francis of Assisi.

Fr. Daniel Couture, the District Superior of Canada has rejected the exclusivist ecclesiocentric model of the Church, similar to the liberals, the Vatican Curia and the Jewish Left.Instead he presents a Christological model of the Church, with the necessity of vaguely believing in Jesus.This was the Ratzinger model I mentioned in a blog post which I sent him and received no reply, as expected.-Lionel Andrades


December 29, 2015

Fr. Daniel Couture, the District Superior of Canada issues a controversial statement critical of the Vatican Document on the Jews
Doctrinal error within the SSPX too ?
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September 12, 2016
Fr.Pierpaulo Petrucci, District Superior, SSPX , Albano,Italy mixes up invisible cases as being visible, what is not seen as being seen

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