Monday, September 19, 2016

Gloria TV News: Will a Disclaimer follow?

Protestant Cardinal: In a meeting with the president of the Protestants in Germany, Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx has again sung the praises of Martin Luther calling him – quote – “an awe-inspiring seeker of God as I would wish my parish-priests and theologians to be.” In reality, Luther was a lapsed Catholic priest, filled with hatred against the Pope and the Holy Mass who put himself in the service of the politicians of his time.

God Seeker? This is what Cardinal Marx’s God Seeker said about Holy Mass: “I declare that all brothels, murders, thefts, and adulteries are less wicked than the abomination which is the papist Mass," and: “When the Mass is destroyed then, I believe, we will have destroyed all papism.”

Trendy Pope: Talking last week to new bishops, Pope Francis said that – quote – “The world is tired of ‘trendy’ priests or bishops. The people sniff them out – they have God’s sense of smell – and they walk away when they recognize narcissists, manipulators, defenders of their own causes, auctioneers of vain crusades.” Steve Skojec comments under the title RIP Irony: “Irony, you will be missed.”

Will A Disclaimer Follow? Pope Francis’ recent letter to the Argentinian bishops has generated the following headline on the front page of The Irish Catholic, a weekly published in Dublin: “Divorced/remarried Catholics can now receive communion.”

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