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Pope Francis visits hospital in Rome where 4000 abortions are done annually : no comment from the pope on in house abortion

Roma, il Papa con la mascherina visita il reparto di Neonatologia del San Giovanni

Pope Francis yesterday(Friday) visited the hospital San Giovanni Addolorata, Roma where abortions are done and contraceptives handed out.He did not comment on the abortions.
There are more Italians  killed every year through abortion then the number of migrants drowned at sea.The pope visited Greece recently and pleaded for the cause of the migrants stranded there.He brought a migrant family to Rome on his flight.However yesterday he did not make a single comment on the Italian babies being killed in one of this  hospital abortuaries.
The Pope made a surprise visit to the Accident and Emergency department and to the Neonatal unit of this  hospital.This hospital legally kills babies. The bodies are probably dumped in the garbage bins.This was not reported by EWTN or CNA in their news reports.
Every alternative first Saturday of the month a few Catholic volunteers, go in front of this hospital to pray for the children killed through abortion.The pope does not permit any parish or diocese to join these Catholics in prayers for the Italian babies legally aborted.
Locandina evento 11.06.2016
On  May 7,2016  a pro-life day in Rome, pro- lifers prayed the rosary from 9 a.m to 12 p.m at the front entrance of the hospital San Giovanni in Laterano dell' Addolorata,Rome. According to a spokesman of the hospital annually there are about 4000 abortions done at this hospital.
While over 1,30,000 Italians are killed annually through medically approved and government financed abortion.
Locandina Conferenza corteo 8.10.2016
Abortion on demand is available at this hospital.It is cheap and subsidised by the government of Sergio Mattarella and Renzi.
Pope Francis has condemned the Holocaust,and this is  approved by the Jewish Left but he does not condemn the holocaust of abortion,in Italy, where Catholic hospitals are part of the problem.The pope has not called for the abrogation of the law 194.
The pope who has not opposed the abortion of children legally at hospitals,at medical institutes  or clinics linked to the hospitals,will next month participate in an inter-faith prayer meetin. He will not tell the non Catholics there that they are all oriented to Hell ( unless they convert into the Catholic Church,according to Vatican Council II (AG 7, LG 14).Similarly he did not tell the doctors who encourage the Killing of infants that they too are all oriented to the fires of Hell.
The pope who pastorally permists the Eucharist to be given to the divorced and remarried and to practising homosexuals, pastorally is not telling these persons, that they are in mortal sin and are on the way to Hell, as is the priests and bishops who sacrilegeously give them the Eucharist.
The pope who does not the genuflect at the consecration during Mass but kneels during the washing of a Muslim women's feet during Holy Week, was politically correct yesterday at the abortion centre,as he continues to kneel before the Masons and the rest of the Jewish Left who follow Satan.
-Lionel Andrades
9 Week Abortion (06)
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Avv. Pietro Guerini presidente Comitato NO194

Ospedale San Giovanni Addolorata Roma

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