Monday, September 19, 2016

Rahner's theology based on the irrational premise and conclusion is obligatory at Catholic universities and seminaries

Image result for Photo of Fr.Karl rahner S.JA professor of theology at one of the pontifical universities in Rome told me that there are no visible cases of the baptism of desire, a theory on which Rahners theology is based.Yet this professor is forced to teach Rahners theology.Karl Rahner's theology is obligatory in Catholic universities since it replaces traditional Feeneyism.
Catholic lay and religous students are  compulsorily taught that the baptism of desire and blood refer to personally known cases in the present times, and so they are examples of salvation outside the Church. Since there is known salvation outside the Church the Feeneyite interpretation of the dogma is no more valid.
A student may ask where are these cases of the baptism of desire etc in 2016, what are their names? He or she will be told by the professor that there are no known cases in 2016, obviously.However it is obligatory to believe and teach that there are such known cases since this is what the Church expects of us.
"But is this not a lie, a falsehood, professor?"
"Yes.But we have to keep in step with the Church", the professor would say.
"This is the not deposit of the faith.It creates a hermeneutic of rupture?", the student asks.
"Yes", the honest professor agrees."There are no known exceptions, in Vatican Council II to the old ecclesiology based on extra ecclesiam nulla salus, according to the 16th century missionaries. However we have to assume there are known exceptions.This is obligatory. We must assume we can physically see people on earth saved in invincible ignorance and without the baptism of water.So Vatican Council II then becomes a rupture with Tradition."
"So the mistake is there in Vatican Council II and isome passages can be interpreted in two ways.It's because of Rahner's theology?"
"Yes", admits the professor. "There should have been no mention of hypothetical cases like the baptism of desire etc.The inference is made that these are personally known cases in the present times.This mix up between what is hypothetical and what is practically known was the theology promoted by Fr. Karl Rahner and the other Jesuits."
"So I cannot choose to do a thesis on Outside the Church there is no salvation and support the Feeneyite position?", the young seminarian-student asks.
"No. It is not permitted. It would contradict the accepted Rahnerian theology which is politically correct with the Left and the Vatican."
"So I attend a whole semester learning about Rahner's theology and then study it for the exam knowing it is false and is based on an irrationality!".
"Yes", says the priest-professor. "And I will teach it to you.The two popes approve this."
-Lionel Andrades

September 18, 2016
The New Theology in itself violates the Principle of Non Contraduction

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