Thursday, October 6, 2016

I have shown how the New Theology is irrational and contradicts the Principle of Non Contradiction. No one has denied this.

Would a faithful Catholic ever dare to write the following:
Item #1) the interpretation of the living magisterium is irrational.
I have shown how the New Theology is irrational and contradicts the Principle of Non Contradiction. No one has denied this.

Item #2) the living Magisterium is irrational.Their conclusion is non traditional and heretical.
The present Magisterium is a rupture with the past Magisterium which is also the living Magisterium for me.

The past Magisterium ( before the Council of Trent) did not violate the Principle of Non Contradiction with the use of an irrational premise ( visible cases of the baptism of desire in the present times) and false conclusion ( which are explicit exceptions to the centuries old interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.)

Obviously no faithful Catholic would ever even consider writing such anti-Catholic merde but's very own super 'catholic' Pope Lionel the Humble would.
I think as a faithful Catholic I must write the truth and not promote a lie.

A faithful Catholic knows that it is a serious sin to not only doubt the teaching authority of the Church (the Magisterium) but the sin would be compounded by attempting to induce others to also commit the same sin as is being done here on

The present magisterium with the use of an irrationality has not only promoted a lie but has also contradicted and rejected the teachings of the consistent magisterium of the Church.The magisterium of the Church over the centuries has been discarded by a Letter from the Holy Office 149 which assumes invisible cases are visible in the present times.This is a factual error and not just a theological error. It can be corrected and it needs to be corrected.

Therefore, his bizarre, repetitive, and convoluted writings either come from a once Catholic but now: 1) a pseudo catholic who, like the
 Trojan Horse, is posing as a faithful Catholic in order to gain credibility among Catholics at this site.
I have quoted you all the magisterial documents which I affirm as a Catholic.It is not enough for you?

Or, the writings come from: 2) a non-Catholic individual posing (again like the
 Trojan Horse of Greek mythology) in order to mislead Catholics into thinking that his own views are those of a Catholic who is “better informed” than ordinary faithful Catholics.
I affirm the centuries old interpretation of the dogma EENS in harmony with Vatican Council II interpreted without the New Theology.I am not proposing any thing new.Instead the present magisterium's interpretation of Vatican Council II and the dogma EENS, is an innovation.
You and Crux also support this innovative theology.
-Lionel Andrades

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