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Ten years ago two Catholic priests came up with the idea to create a Catholic web portal that should be a mixture between Youtube and Facebook. In 2007 was born. It quickly became an astonishing success story. In January 2016 had 4,060,780 unique visitors. 

Today, is the biggest Catholic social networking service and the biggest catholic video resource online. A Catholic university in Spain ranked in January "between the twenty most popular Catholic websites in the world". is not intended for making money. All work is done without salaries, only for the glory and love of God. 

Please, help us generously. Fund with your alms. A small amount will make a big difference for us all. 

May the almighty God reward your courtesy a hundredfold and with the eternal life.
Help spread the word!

In January 2016 broke a new record: Over four million unique users each month. Every day, we handle about 100,000 video-views on 23 servers. wanted to be a pulpit on the Internet. We have become one.

Donate online via "GoFundme"
The GoFundGloria-campaign needs to be set up in Euros. 1 Dollar is about 0,94 Euro.

If you would like to donate by wire transfer or PayPal, write to:
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The technical heart of is our in-house software. Currently, we are developing into a social network. For this, we partly need to engage external programmers. However, the lion's share of the work is done through us without salaries.

In this Advent, we recruited a specialist from a Russian university to program a function to improve the live chats for our users. In addition, in the next few weeks, we want to commission people to complete the texts of the language sections. wants to be accessible for the Catholics of all countries in their native language.

We can accomplish this huge work only because enthusiastic friends support us. Unfortunately, also needs money. Dear friends, please help in this Advent with a small donation.

Blessed advent!

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