Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Christmas anyway!

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Yesterday I was a few minutes late for Mass. It is the same church I go for Mass every evening in Italian.When I entered !!!!- I couldn't believe it! This was the same Church?! Every evening there are three or four people there.On Sundays about 15 people. 
The church yesterday was packed with well dressed people. It was full  and there was no place to sit.It was the Sunday Christmas Mass being held on Saturday evening.
Most of these Catholics are in mortal sin for not attending Mass on Sundays.Yesterday they went up to receive the Eucharist.
How many of them could have been watching the usual television programs every day and here they were suddenly there for Mass.
Some of them were so distracted and were distracting others. I kept my eyes closed and concentrated on the Mass.
The liberal priest gave a politically correct homily. He spoke vaguely about mercy and criticised the former 'rules' and 'observations'. For all of them probably it was a message that rules and teachings of the Church were not important.No mortal sin and Hell. There is only the mercy of God.
At this Church they give the Eucharist to every one.Even if is someone in short pants or a lady who comes up for the Eucharist carrying her dogs the Eucharist is given to them.It is the new one world religion dogma that they are following.It is the instructions of the Vicariate whose leadership is in contact with the liberal-Left rabbis in Rome.
This is the religious community of the Agostinian Recollect Fathers, young priests from all over the world who are studying in Rome.
Whatever they say in the homilies are conditioned by the political requirements of these times. So it is not the Gospel of Jesus that they preach any more, since they are not allowed to preach it by the Vatican and our pro-Left popes.
Then today morning, Christmas day I went for Mass at the SSPX chapel. I was tired and during the homily by Fr. Aquila I went to sleep literally.There was one person taping his homily and a lady  was recording it on her cell phone. There were few people there. It was like the weekly Mass in Italian at the Augustinian Recollect church.
So many times  I have spoke to this SSPX priest and to the others about what I write here.I have sent them reports.However they cannot rock the boat and preach the Gospel. They have to protect their reputation and property. Today even the SSPX no more speaks about the need to convert into the Catholic Church for salvation.They want canonical status.
When this young SSPX priest had a catechesis for adults on the topic of the Church, he interpreted salvation just like Cardinal Ratzinger and the liberals. Since Archbishop Lefebvre accepted the Letter of the Holy Office 1949. So in his catechesis he interpreted the Letter and Vatican Council II with the false premise. The conclusion was a rupture with Tradition. Cardinal Ratzinger accepted the new conclusion and  Archbishop Lefebvre did not and was excommunicated.
The SSPX priests in Italy still act as if they do not have a clue as to what happened doctrine-wise with a false premise and conclusion.Or may be they know about it but maintain their position, since it is a political position of the SSPX and not a doctrinal one.Doctinally the SSPX is repeating the same heresy as the others. They can choose to interpret Vatican Council II in harmony with Feneeyite extra ecclesiam nulla salus but the SSPX priest, like the Augistinian Recollect Fathers would not like to create trouble for them self with the secular authorities supported by the Vatican.
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So  finally at Mass we just have the worship, the prayers, the liturgy, the presence of Jesus and his un-bloody Sacrifice renacted.I  offer this to God  and so does my Guardian Angel, during the Novus Ordo and Latin Mass.
At the Italian Mass yesterday evening the Catholics did not know the faith and the priests were not affirming. It was like a general heresy or apostasy.At the SSPX chapel today morning the priest does not affirm the dogma EENS(without the false premise), he interprets Vatican Council II as a rupture with EENS and  he re- interpets the Catechism of St.Pius X as a rupture with EENS.It is so much of confusion since he has accepted the  new ecclesiology  with known baptism of desire etc and was also holding to tradition when possible, with the old ecclesiology of the pre-Council of Trent times.
It is like Cardinal Raymond Burke, 'New Catholic' at the blog Rorate Caeili and Joseph Shaw Chairman of the Latin Mass Society in England offering/attending the Latin Mass denying the dogma EENS ( with their exceptions), while I do not do so at the Latin Mass.
They reject Vatican Council II as a break with EENS while I do not do so at the Latin Mass.
So we are all attending the Traditional Latin Mass but our ecclesiology is different.
Then there are the traditionalist Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, at the St.Benedict Centers in the USA. They affirm EENS as a I do. So they are traditionalists who have an ecclesiology which is different from that of Cardinal Raymond Burke and the members of the Latin Mass societies.
But for them Vatican Council II is a rupture with the Feeneyite intepretation of the dogma EENS. They use the false premise too. So they are in agreement with Cardinal Burke and the others here but are not in the same camp with me.I affirm Vatican Council II in harmony with EENS( Feneyite).Since I do not use the irrational premise as they all do.
It is the same Mass on Christmas day and we are all Catholics but because of the confusion created by the two popes and the present magisterium, theologically things are a mess.I hope things will be better next year.I hope we will have unity in Catholic doctrine among the traditionalists and then among the other Catholics.
Happy Christmas, anyway!
-Lionel Andrades

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