Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Magisterium in rebellion

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The present magisterium ( teaching authority of the two popes and the Curia) is in rebellion.The Magisterium is not affirming Vatican Council II in harmony with the 16th century  salvation-theology.Ad Gentes 7 says all need 'faith and baptism' for salvation and so did the 16th century missionaries.The two popes have put aside the magisterium of the past.
Pontifical universities have to teach error. Lumen Gentium 16 ( invincible ignorance), Lumen Gentium 14 ( unknown catechumen) etc refer to visible cases in 2016 for them.They refer to non Catholics saved without 'faith and baptism'(AG 7). As if someone on earth could know of some such case.
So exceptions are created to the 16th century  interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS).Every one does not need to be incorporated into the Church as a member for salvation: since there are visible exceptions of invisible cases!
The rebellious magisterium will expel any priest-professor who says that the baptism of desire refers to visible cases.He cannot say something which is obvious.
The Vatican/Vicariate will not grant accreditation to any priest who says that the baptism of desire was never an exception to the Feeneyite interpretation of the dogma EENS.One priest who did say just this was called up and visited by an auxiliary bishop in Rome.
The priest-professors are afraid of the Jewish Left laws in Italy.This is the new fascism.The anti-Semitic laws threaten academic freedom and religious liberty.The liberal-reformed rabbis decide.Holding the Catholic belief on salvation(EENS) can be a crime.Compensation and retribution from the Vatican and the pontifical university can be asked for.
It is not just the universities. Even the Society of St.Pius X(SSPX) is not proclaiming the faith any more on this issue.Neither are the traditionalists, the St. Benedict Centers of Fr. Leonard Feeney, in the USA.John Henry Weston at will not affirm Feeneyite EENS.Nor will be he interpret Vatican Council II without the irrationality which makes the Council a break with EENS.This is acceptable to the Left.
Roberto de Mattei will say that Fr. Leonard Feeney was excommunicated.He will not say that the excommunication was lifted without the priest in Boston having to recant.Mattei will not say that  Fr. Leonard Feeney was correct and the Holy Office and the Archdiocese were in heresy.So with this reasoning Lumen Gentium 16 would be an exception to the dogma EENS and so Vatican Council II would be a rupture with Tradition.
If he reversed his reasoning and said that the baptism of desire could not have been an exception or relevant to the Feeneyite interpretation of the dogma EENS since it referred to unknown and invisible cases, then the interpretation of Vatican Council II changes. The Council becomes traditional.It is in harmony with EENS and the Syllabus of Errors.
But this would be politically incorrect in Italy.The new fascists will come knocking on his door.
So he supports the new doctrines of the magisterium.Fr.Leonard Feeney was wrong. He is the convenient scapegoat for everyone.
The present magisterium is teaching new doctrines.This is not the teaching of the Holy Spirit. In this sense the magisterium cannot be called a magisterium.
The two popes have changed Catholic doctrine on mission, salvation, ecclesiology,morals...
Moral and salvation theology have been changed with philosophical subjectivism.It is allegedly being able to judge exceptions to the general rule.
The magisterium is teaching a new moral theology based on the Curran-Haring innovation which Pope John Paul II corrected and prohibited in Veritatis Redintigratio.It is now official in Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia.
Priest-professors at the pontifical universities and seminaries have to smile and welcome the new 'non Catholic' salvation-moral theology, to keep their teaching jobs.An Infallibe teaching on faith, like the dogma EENS defined by three Church Councils, has  been rejected a long time back.The official error is 'magisterial'
-Lionel Andrades 

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