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Rupture in faith and reason at the Ateneo Pontificial Regina Apostolorum Rome

Fr. Michael RyanFr.Michael Ryan L.C teaches a semester on 'Filosofia Morale Speciale' (Moral Philosophy Special). I know that for this Legion of Christ priest at the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum University in Rome there are exceptions to the traditional teachings of the Church on morals and faith( salvation).He was my Spiritual Director.
I remember there was a couple living together near the university and they were not married.They continued to study at the university.Fr.Ryan knew about it.I was a student there at that time.This was an issue...
Just as there are exceptions to the general rule on morality for Fr.Ryan there were exceptions to moral teaching for Fr.Charles Curran, the Redemptorist priest.So Fr.Curran wrote a book welcomed by the Masons, which lists numerous hypothetical cases, of persons Curran presumed would go to Heaven even though they were living in mortal sin.So Fr. Curran and his professor at the Alphonsianum University, Rome came up with a new theory. They called it the Fundamental Option Theory.Pope John Paul II possibly asked Cardinal Ratzinger, to refute it in his encyclical on morals, Veritatis Splendor.
Fr Michael Ryan giving talk in China
Fr.Michael Ryan and professors at the pontifical universities in Rome have to now teach moral theology according to Curran and Haring i.e a mortal sin is not always a mortal sin, we cannot  judge in individual cases,the exceptions make the rule and we can judge the exceptions.This is the bad theology of Pope Francis' Amoris Laeittia.
Fr.Michael Ryan, was the Dean of Philosophy and also a former chaplain at APRA.He will not affirm the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. I think he would be too afraid of the tension and negative fall out.So he  says that the baptism of desire etc are exceptions.In this way the political Left do not come for his career as a professor or even attack his being a priest.
Fr.Ryan, an Irish priest,is a pleasant and interesting person.He is popular among the students.Always obliging.Compassionate and ready to help always but he believes that 'one must keep in step with the Church'.This means accepting heresy and also teaching it since it is magisterial and approved by the influential political Left in Italy.I consider this dangerous reasoning on the faith.
Fr.Ryan teaches ' Fede e Ragione'( Faith and Reason) in the first semester (2016-2017) for the Third Year Philosophy students, according to the APRA Notice Board.However personally he would not admit that his reasoning  is a rupture with the Faith. He has to assume that there are known cases of Catholics who are living in manifest mortal sin who are exceptions to the general rule on morals and they would still go to Heaven if they die immediately.This is irrational. There is not a single case, not a single 'exception',on earth,whom Fr. Charles Curran would know will be saved.None of us can say that any particular person living in mortal sin, for example, having divorced and remarried, is going to Heaven.This is something only God can judge. The general rule is that adultery is a mortal sin.It is a mortal sin to divorce even if there is a liberal priest willing to give you a quick annulment.
Yet this is the common reasoning and it is adopted by Fr. Michael Ryan. It is a rupture with traditional moral theology and the faith of the Church for centuries.It postulates known exceptions to Jesus' teaching in the Bible.
So there is a snap between faith and reason when Fr.Michael Ryan, 'in step with the Church' postulates the baptism of desire as an exception to the Feeneyite interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus.He does not know of a single such exception on earth and when there are no such cases how can he say that they are exceptions.This is a fundamental flaw in his philosophical reasoning.
I think he knows what I am saying.He has seen the dark side of being a priest-professor in Rome. He has seen the threats come in.
So when Fr.Rafael Pascual L.C ,who also is a professor of philosophy at APRA, affirmed Cantate Dominio, Council of Florence 1441 on extra ecclesiam nulla salus, I contacted Fr. Michael Ryan and asked him if he would agree with Fr.Pascual-he would not!.
Could I cite him as agreeing with Fr.Pascual ?
He said,"No".
So much for faith and reason being in harmony and the Legion of Christ being a conservative Catholic religious community.
It was Pope Benedict XVI who wrote on the harmony of faith and reason and in reality there was a rupture between the two, for him.Fr.Ryan is only keeping in step with the two popes.-Lionel Andrades

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