Monday, December 26, 2016

Sedevacantist -traditionalist modernist

TradCatKnight: Catholics Are Hostage To The Modernist’s”  By: Eric Gajewski
The modernist is not going to tell you he is preaching a new gospel or that he has gone off the track as it relates to the mission of a Christian. No, that is not going to happen. Their view is distorted yet they do not see it that way. They see what they are saying and indicate it corresponds to Tradition and it does not (clearly)-.Eric Gajewski 
Eric Gajewski (TradCatKnight) does not realize that most of the modernism related to Vatican Council II comes from choosing one of the two wrong premises. Eric interprets Vatican Council II with a premise which is irrational and different from mine. It is the same premise of the modernist liberals -and the 'traditionalists'.
From my perspective he is a modernist though he does not know the specific cause of his modernism.The liberal-modernists use the same irrational premise as Eric  does and they accept the conclusion.Vatican Council II is a break with Tradition for them.
He uses the same premise and does not accept the conclusion. Vatican Council II is a rupture with Tradition and so he rejects the Council and goes into sedevacantism.
I do not use that premise and the conclusion is different. Vatican Council II is not a rupture with Tradition and I accept the Council but not for the same reason as the liberals. -Lionel Andrades

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