Friday, January 20, 2017

Concern over restrictions placed on the ideological Traditional Latin Mass in Rockford,Illinois,USA

There is concern on Rorate Caeli and Fr.Z's blog over restrictions placed on what is now the common ideological Traditional Latin Mass approved by the two popes and also many liberal bishops and cardinals all over the world. There are many blog posts on the the Bishop of Rockford, Most Rev. David J. Malloy 'attacking ad orientem  worship and over riding Summorum Pontificium'.
All the traditionalists bloggers find it acceptable though that the Latin Mass can be offered and is offered as a rupture with 'the ecclesiocentrism of the past' (Redemptoris Missio).
There is no more 'the ecclesiocenterism of the past' associated with the Traditional Latin Mass and so it is approved by the popes and the bishops.
If the priest maintained the old ecclesiology and expressed it in homilies or on a blog, this would be ' a sign of disunity'.So the priest does not do so.
Fr.John Zuhlsdorf appreciates the vestments of the Latin Mass and recommends inter-faith marriages. Since in the new ecclesiology there is salvation outside the Church and so a Jew married to a Catholic could be saved.This is his ecclesiology when he offers the Latin Mass.
If he wrote on his blog that there is no salvaton outside the Church and that a Catholic married to a Jew or Protestant is living in adultery, this would be the old ecclesiology of the Latin Mass.He could be suspended.
The popes and bishops would have Fr. Zuhlsdorf suspended for his 'ecclesiocentrism of the past' as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger put it in Redemptoris Missio.So theologically Fr.Z accepts a rupture with the Traditional Latin Mass and offers the Latin Mass,which today is as ideological as the Novus Ordo Mass.
Similarly Joseph Shaw will write on Rorate Caeili about offering Mass ad oriented and recommend it like Fr. Z and Cardinal Sarah.However they mean facing God at Mass and not the Congregation but knowing that there is salvation for the Protestants who don't do this.There is also salvation for Jews who do not believe in the Mass.This was not the undestanding of the priest over the centuries when he offered the Latin Mass ad orientem.
Over the centuries to deny the exclusivist ecclesiology of the Catholic Church would be an impediment to offering Holy Mass.The Latin and Novus Ordo Mass is offered today with this impediment.
Joseph Shaw knows that he needs the approval of the liberal bishops in England and he also has to respect the anti-Catholic leftist laws. So he presents the Latin Mass as the Traditional Latin Mass ( which it is not) and meets the ideological requirements of the Left.
-Lionel Andrades 

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