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Maltese 'magisterium' in rebellion and heresy like CDF and pontificate of Pope Francis

Maltese bishops: Remarried Catholics ‘at peace’ can receive Communion
According to a spokesman of the Maltese diocese they are following the magisterium.So they give the Eucharist to the divorced and remarried who follow their conscience.
How can we cite the magisterium any more ?!.How can the magisterium be  a criteria of what is Catholic? Can we depend on the teaching authority of the present pontificate, to know what is  right or wrong when the present magisterium is in rebellion with the past magisterium.It  supports heresy in doctrine and discipline.
In Redemptoris Missio Cardinal Ratzinger and Pope John Paul II emphasized the importance of the magisterium of that document on Mission.While in that document they used an irrational premise to break with 'the ecclesiocentrism of the past'(RM).This was magisterial.
For ideological reasons that error is being maintained and forced throughout the Church especially in the interpretation of Vatican Council II (Cushingite).Now the Maltese bishops are contradicting the magisterium of Pope John Paul II (Ecclesia di Eucarestia, Veritatis Splendor etc) and are calling it magisterial,as if it is a continuity with the teachings of the Holy Spirit,in the past.
This cannot be magisterial.
This is the teaching of Pope Francis and the Masons.It is sacrilege and the work of Satan within the Catholic Church.
We see the work of Satan in the false  interpretation of Vatican Council II.The 'magisterium' is choosing Cushingism; the irrational, non traditional and heretical version.
To please the Left the present magisterium is  promoting  deception and lies in the name of Vatican Council II.They fool and cheat Catholics at large who do not know theology or Catholic doctrines.
The  same error, the magisterial error, is obligatory-learning for all lay Catholics  who want to study at pontifical universities, whose syllabus and content is  approved by Jewish Left rabbis, associated with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.
Even the leaders of Catholic political parties in Italy, like Lega Nord, Forza Nuova,Militia Christi etc are up against popes, cardinals and bishops who are officially denying the Catholic faith and are calling it magisterial.
If these Catholic political parties choose to proclaim Vatican Council II (Feeneyite),which is traditional and does not use a false premise it would not be considered Catholic by the 'new magisterium. Even though Vatican Council II (Feeneyite) and is not a heretical break with the past magisterium(on EENS, Syllabus of Errors etc), it would be considered non magisterial by the present leftist magisterium at the Vatican.
The Maltese bishops are now calling a sacrilege magisterial.They are also rejecting the teachings on mortal sin and this is the 'new approved magisterium'.

Luckily many Catholics here have not had a theological education at a pontifical ( magisterial) institution.So they know what is a mortal sin and they know that Jews,Muslims and other Christians are outside the Church and on the way to Hell unless they enter the Church as members.This will always be magisterial teaching.They also know that those who have divorced and are re-married  are in mortal sin and a liberal non-believing bishop has no right to give them the Eucharist.Similarly a non- believing bishop has no right to grant a Catholic divorce based upon conscience and call it an annullment of the marriage and then claim it is magisterial.
I know a non believing community of religious Sisters in Rome whom Pope Francis visits, in a private car.These sisters are part of the 'new magisterium',like the Maltese bishops.They only give food to Muslims in poverty and those who are not ideologically and doctrinally opposed to Pope Francis.They have young Muslim paying- guests aside from Catholic youth, and the receptionist at their hostel is a Catholic who has married a Muslim and whose children are Muslims.She is an example there for the young Christian  girls on how it is O.K to marry a Muslim and it is not adultery and a mortal sin.These Sisters were in rebellion against Pope John Paul II and would promote Cardinal Carlo Martini s.j.They were following the Masonic policy even at that time.
These good Sisters have expensive property and they want to keep it, so they have to accept the values of Satan and the political Left, which are magisterial today.Magisterium today means choosing evil.
The Maltese bishops are also misusing the word magisterium,which any way,does not mean what it meant in the past.-Lionel Andrades

January 17, 2017

L'Osservatore Romano supports Maltese bishops' sacrilege : another milestone for one world religion

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