Thursday, January 5, 2017

Traditionalist, sedevacantist websites need to be updated

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Here is a possible model. The traditionalist and sedevacantist websites, in fact Catholic websites in general, could state the following in future:

'We affirm Vatican Council II in harmony with the Catechism of  Pope Pius X, the Syllabus of Errors, the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus ( Feeneyite), the Nicene Creed, the Athanasius Creed, the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1995), Dominus Iesus, Redemptoris Missio and the rest of Tradition.
We assume hypothetical cases of the baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance are not objectively visibile in 2017.Similarly Lumen Gentium 16, Lumen Gentium 8, Unitatis Redintigratio 3, Nostra Aetate 2 etc refer to hypothetical cases  and so are not exceptions to the traditional exclusivist ecclesiology of the Catholic Church.Invisible and unknown persons cannot be exceptions.
We reiterate that we affirm Vatican Council II in harmony with Tradition including the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS) as it was interpreted by the 16th century missionaries.
We reject an interpretation of Vatican Council II which assumes hypothetical cases are not hypothetical and that there is known salvation outside the Church.
We reject the New Theology based on known cases of the baptism of desire etc without the baptism of water.This is irrational.

We call upon the two popes to also affirm Vatican Council II in continuity with the past : with the hermeneutic of continuity,just as we do.
Otherwise the present magisterium will continue to be in heresy and in a rupture with the past.
As a theology we affirm Feeneyism which says there are no known exceptions to the dogma EENS. We reject Cushingism which suggests wrongly, that there are known exceptions  to EENS and so there is salvation outside the Church.

Our websites reflect our new position.We are no more Cushingites but Feeneyites.We believe that the Cushingite Letter of the Holy Office 1949 to the Archbishop of Boston made an objective mistake when it assumed there were explicit, objective cases of people saved without the baptism of water in the Catholic Church.We humans cannot know any such case if it did exist.It would be known only to God.
So the Cushingite Letter(1949) was wrong when it states not every one needs to be incorporated into the Church as a member for salvation.The Catechism of Pope Pius X and Cantate Domino, Council of Florence 1441 state the opposite.The Letter contradicts itself and is also contradicted by Vatican Council II which states all need faith and baptism for salvation(AG 7).

So we update our websites by affirming Feeneyite interpreted Vatican Council II in harmony with Feeneyite EENS. We reject a Cushingite Vatican Council II with a Cushingite-interpreted EENS.
We interpret all magisterial documents without the New Theology,which has a philosophical error, being based on invisible cases being visible.

We are aware that the present magisterium interprets all magisterial documents with Cushingism and expects the traditionalists to do the same. They wanted Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre to accept Vatican Council II interpreted with a false premise and conclusion.He did not. They excommunicated him instead of showing him the alternative Feeneyite possibility.
-Lionel Andrades

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