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Hell Is Not Empty! That Is A Dogma of the Catholic Church!



David Wilkerson - A Final Warning To Christians In The Last Days

David Wilkerson - A Final Warning To Christians In The Last Days

Doctor had vision of netherworld

Doctor had vision of netherworld
"Those who profit from the health of others will find their reward in the jewels of hell."
If that "word of knowledge" bears credence, there are some in the medical industry (pharmaceutical companies, insurance conglomerates, hospitals, surgeons, specialists) who may want to pay heed.
For those who claim to have glimpsed sheol have been known to describe precisely this: mounds of tainted gold, filthy rubies, diamonds, and money under the throne of a beastly creature. Not pleasant. More than one has so testified. But perhaps necessary to consider.
Rajiv Parti
Or one may want to listen to an anesthesiologist named Rajiv Parti, who says he was taken to the cusp of the netherworld precisely for this reason: due to his greed.

"Feeling like a master of the universe is easy in the world of modern medicine," he writes (in Dying To Wake Up"). "In my specialty alone, heart surgery anesthesia, the medical world had made so many advances in technology and techniques that we could literally bring patients back from the dead by doing everything from unclogging an artery with a balloon to replacing it or even dropping in a transplanted heart."
But Dr. Parti relates how he grew to view patients not as individuals but as numbers and dollar signs. His preoccupation: a huge house, luxury cars, and day-trading on the stock market. Then he "died."
Two days before Christmas in 2010, he was rushed to a hospital with a severe infection and resultant fever that shot his temperature to 104 degrees. Emergency surgery was initiated as the infection, caused by a recent procedure in the area of his pelvis, spread through his blood. Ironically, he "died" -- left his body -- due to the anesthesia.
"I was a mechanistic medical doctor, and this event represented new physical laws that I didn't understand," he said. "How can I be hovering? Where is my brain, and what am I seeing with? Am I breathing? Why can I hear?"
"My world turned dark, and for a moment I was relieved. I'm returning to my body, I thought.
"But that relief was replaced by fear as I saw a distant lightning storm off to my right, one that seemed to draw me in very quickly and soon became loud with the sound of thunder and... What is that?... screams and moans of pain and anguish as wildfire moved over burned souls that withered from the intense heat. I was made to lie on a bed of nails, where their needle sharpness tortured my flesh.
"I was drawn in as if on a moving sidewalk that took me to the edge of this flaming canyon. Smoke filled my nostrils and with it the sickening odor of burning flesh. I was on the lip of hell.
"I tried to turn and I couldn't. I tried to move back but couldn't. Every time I took a step back, an unseen force moved me forward, leaving me with a horrific view of the most agonizing place one could ever imagine."
As a Hindu, he knew this place as naraka (hell).
"You have clearly not been making love," Dr. Parti heard a voice say, telepathic but as clear as if spoken in his ears, "so powerful," he writes, "that it may well have been spoken by God." Added the voice: "You have led a materialistic and selfish life."
He knew that was only too true and felt ashamed.
"I saw my patients as profit centers, people who could give me the wealth and prestige I wanted in exchange for my services as an anesthesiologist," he bravely says, unconcerned with how others in the medical profession might view his otherworldly experience. "I was a doctor who did his job well but cared very little that he was working on a human being."
Now, standing on the rim of hell, he recalled a woman with arthritis who had come to him for pain medication (Dr. Parti, in addition to his hospital work, owned a pain clinic) and weeping, sought his counsel about her husband, who was suffering from lung cancer. "'I would love to talk to you,' I said, writing out a prescription for her pain and sleeping pills and handing them to her. 'But I have several patients waiting.' And I left."
This he saw in the review of his life.
It is not just sins like adultery and murder.
It's how we treat people. We are all subject to the temptation of selfishness. It's certainly not just the medical profession.
Many are the good and caring doctors. We've met many personally. And who can begrudge a comfortable living to those plugged through long years of medical school and then strenuous internships and residencies; who now find themselves on call, with long hours.
But are some -- too many -- in it for the money?
It is certainly a time of unrestrained health-care costs. And within that field -- whether hospital CEOs or laboratory owners -- are indeed those motivated far too strongly by profit.
That may go unaddressed in our current society, but apparently not after life on earth.
[resources: afterlife books, especially What You Take To Heaven]
[Luke 16: "'Now there was a rich man, and he habitually dressed in purple and fine linen, joyously living in splendor every day. 20 And a poor man named Lazarus was laid at his gate, covered with sores, 21 and longing to be fed with the crumbs which were falling from the rich man's table; besides, even the dogs were coming and licking his sores. 22 Now the poor man died and was carried away by the angels to Abraham's bosom; and the rich man also died and was buried. 23 In Hades he lifted up his eyes, being in torment, and saw Abraham far away and Lazarus in his bosom. 24 And he cried out and said, "Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus so that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool off my tongue, for I am in agony in this flame." 25 But Abraham said, "Child, remember that during your life you received your good things, and likewise Lazarus bad things; but now he is being comforted here, and you are in agony. And besides all this, between us and you there is a great chasm fixed, so that those who wish to come over from here to you will not be able, and that none may cross over from there to us.'"]


People testify about hell. How hell looks like!

People testify about hell. How hell looks like!

The Hell - Apaya


These People Went To Hell - Studying Near Death Experiences, Demons and Spiritual Beings. 1 / 5 


Where the Worm Dieth Not - Michael Voris



STUFF HAPPENS...GO TO CONFESSION NOW WHILE YOU CAN : There are millions of people in Hell today who thought they had one more day to repent.

There are millions of people in Hell today who thought they had one more day to repent. 
from Dympha Road


Gospel today July 28, 2016 : The angels will go out and separate the wicked from the righteous and throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth


Jesus said to the disciples:
“The Kingdom of heaven is like a net thrown into the sea,
which collects fish of every kind.
When it is full they haul it ashore
and sit down to put what is good into buckets.
What is bad they throw away.
Thus it will be at the end of the age.
The angels will go out and separate the wicked from the righteous
and throw them into the fiery furnace,
where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.”

“Do you understand all these things?”
They answered, “Yes.”
And he replied,
“Then every scribe who has been instructed in the Kingdom of heaven
is like the head of a household who brings from his storeroom
both the new and the old.”
When Jesus finished these parables, he went away from there.

MT 13:47-53

July 28, 2016

Thursday Of The Seventeenth Week In Ordinary Time

Reflecting on the horrors of hell can help us to avoid ending up there

There was a certain rich  man, who was clothed  in purple and fine  linen; and feasted sumptuously every day.
 And there was a certain beggar, named Lazarus, who lay at his  gate, full of sores,Desiring to be filled  with the crumbs that fell from the rich man' s table, and no one did give  him; moreover the dogs came, and licked his sores.

 And it came to pass, that  the beggar died, and was carried by the angels  into Abraham' s bosom.
 And the rich man also  died: and he was buried in hell. And lifting up his eyes when he was in torments, he saw Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom: And he cried, and said:
 Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send  Lazarus, that he may  dip the tip of his finger in water, to cool  my tongue: for I am tormented in this flame.
 And Abraham said to him: Son, remember that thou  didst receive good things  in thy lifetime, and likewise Lazarus evil things, but now he is comforted; and thou art tormented. 

And besides all this, between us  and you, there
 is fixed a great chaos: so that they who would pass from hence to you, cannot, nor from thence come hither. And he said: Then, father, I beseech thee, that thou wouldst send him to my father' s house,
 for I have five brethren, That he may testify unto 
them, lest they also come into this place of torments. And Abraham said to him: They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. But he said: No, father Abraham: but if 
one went to them from the dead, they will do penance. 

And he said to him: If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they believe, if one rise again from the dead. -Luke :19-31,The Rich Man (Dives) and Lazarus.

Sister Josefa Menendez's Description of Hell

The following material is quoted verbatim from the book"Way of Divine
 Love" of Sister Josefa Menendez (1890--1923). 

Sister Josefa was a Spanish nun of the Society of the Sacred Heart and

 lived only four years as a religious, at the convent of Les Feuillants in 
Poitiers, France, where she died at the age of 33. 

"The Way of Divine Love" consists largely of her notebooks, that she

 wrote down under obedience
 from our Lord, with the revelations of his Sacred Heart, plus portions
 of her biography. This
 material was composed after Rev. Schouppe wrote his book on Hell.

This young Spanish sister, who had a short religious life of great
 suffering, experienced revelations throughout much of her life,
 compiled in The Way Of Divine Love. More than once, she was taken
 to Hell to witness and feel the suffering first-hand. Sister Josefa
 was reluctant to write on the 
subject of Hell, and did so only to conform to Our Lord's wishes.
 Sister Josefa repeatedly dwelt
 on what she described as the greatest torment of Hell, namely,
 the soul's inability to love. One
 of these damned souls cried out: "This is my torture...that I 
want to love and cannot; there is nothing left me but hatred
 and despair. If one of us could so much as make a single act 
of love...But we cannot, we live on hatred and malevolence..."
 (March 23, 1922).

She records, too, the accusations made against themselves
 by these unhappy souls: "Some yell because of the martyrdom
 of their hands. Perhaps they were thieves, for they say: 'Where 
is our loot now?' ...Cursed hands... Others curse their tongues,
 their eyes...whatever was the occasion of sin... 'Now, O body,
 you are paying the price of the delights you granted yourself!..
.and you did it of your own
 free will...'" (April 2, 1922).

"I saw several souls fall into Hell, and among them was a child 
of fifteen, cursing her parents for
 not having taught her to fear God nor that there was a Hell.
 Her life had been a short one, she 
said, but full of sin, for she had given in to all that her body 
and passions demanded in the way
 of satisfaction..." (March 22, 1923).

"My soul fell into abysmal depths, the bottom of which 
cannot be seen, for it is immense. . . ; 
Then I was pushed into one of those fiery cavities and
 pressed, as it were, between burning 
planks, and sharp nails and red-hot irons seemed to be 
piercing my flesh. I felt as if they were endeavoring to pull
 out my tongue, but could not. This torture reduced me to 
such agony that
 my very eyes seemed to be starting out of their sockets. 
I think this was because of the fire 
which burns, burns. . . not a finger nail escapes terrifying
 torments, and all the time one cannot
 move even a finger to gain some relief, not change posture,
 for the body seems flattened out
 and [yet] doubled in two. Sounds of confusion and blasphemy
 cease not for an instant. 

A sickening stench asphyxiates and corrupts everything, it 
is like the burning of putrefied flesh,
 mingled with tar and sulfur. . . a mixture to which nothing 
on earth can be compared. . . 
although these tortures were terrific, they would be bearable
 if the soul were at peace. But it
 suffers indescribably. . . All I have written," she concluded,
 "is but a shadow of what the
 soul suffers, for no words can express such dire torment." 
(September 4, 1922).

"Others curse their tongues, their eyes... whatever was
 the occasion of their sin... 'Now, O
 body, you are paying the price of the delights you granted
 yourself!.. and you did it of your
 own free will... '" (April 2, 1922). (That is, illegitimate 

"It seemed to me that the majority accused themselves
 of sins of impurity, of stealing, of
 unjust trading; and that most of the damned are in Hell
 for these sins." (April 6, 1922).

"I saw many worldly people fall into Hell, and no words
 can render their horrible and terrifying 
cries: 'Damned forever... I deceived myself; I am lost...
 I am here forever... There is no remedy possible...
 a curse on me...'

"Some accused people, others circumstances, and all 
execrated the occasions of their damnation." 
(September 1922).

"Today, I saw a vast number of people fall into the fiery
 pit . . . they seemed to be worldlings 
and a demon cried vociferously: 'The world is ripe for me
 . . . I know that the best way to get
 hold of souls is to rouse their desire for enjoyment . . .
 Put me first . . . me before the rest
 . . . no humility for me! but let me enjoy myself . . . 
This sort of thing assures victory to me 
. . . and they tumble headlong into hell.' " 
(October 4, 1923)

"I heard a demon, from whom a soul had escaped, 
forced to confess his powerlessness. 'Confound it 
all... how do so many manage to escape me? They 
were mine' (and he rattled off their sins)...
 'I work hard enough, yet they slip through my fingers
... Someone must be suffering and repairing for them.'"
 (January 15, 1923). ("Repairing," that is, "making 
reparation" for them).

"Tonight I was transported to a place where all was 
obscure. . . Around me were seven or eight
 people; I could see them only by the reflections of
 the fire. They were seated and were talking together.
 One said: 'We'll have to be very careful not to be
 found out, for we might easily be discovered.'

"The devil answered: 'Insinuate yourselves by inducing
 carelessness in them. . . but keep in the background,
 so that you are not found out. . . by degrees they 
will become callous, and you will
 be able to incline them to evil. Tempt these others
 to ambition, to self-interest, to acquiring 
wealth without working, whether it be lawful or not.
 Excite some to sensuality and love of pleasure.
 Let vice blind them. . . As to the remainder. . . 
 get in through the heart . . . you know the
 inclinations of their hearts. . . make them love. . .
 love passionately. . . work thoroughly. . .
  take no rest . . . have no pity. Let them cram
 themselves with food! It will make it all the easier 
for us. . .  Let them get on with their banqueting.
 Love of pleasure is the door through which you 
will reach them . . .' " (February 3, 1923).

"Tonight," wrote Josefa, "I did not go down into Hell,
 but was transported to a place where all
 was obscure, but in the center was a red smoldering
 fire. They had laid me flat and so bound 
me that I could not make the slightest movement.
 Around me were seven or eight people; their
 black bodies were unclothed, and I could see them
 only by the reflections of the fire. They were
 seated and were talking together.

"One said: 'We'll have to be very careful not to be
 found out, for we might easily be discovered.'

"The devil answered: 'Insinuate yourselves by 
inducing carelessness in them... but keep in the
 background, so that you are not found out... by 
degrees they will become callous, and you will
 be able to incline them to evil. Tempt these others
 to ambition, to self-interest, to acquiring 
wealth without working, whether it be lawful or
 not. Excite some to sensuality and love of 
pleasure. Let vice blind them...' (Here they used
 obscene words).

"'As to the remainder... get in through the heart...
 you know the inclinations of their hearts...
 make them love... love passionately... work 
thoroughly.. take no rest... have no pity; the
 world must go to damnation.. and these souls 
must not be allowed to escape me.'

"From time to time Satan's satellites answered:
 'We are your slaves... we shall labor unceasingly, 
and in spite of the many who war against us, we
 shall work night and day. We know your power!'

"They all spoke together, and he whom I took to 
be Satan used words full of horror. In the
 distance I could hear a clamor as of feasting, the
 clinking of glasses... and he cried: 'Let them
 cram themselves with food! It will make it all 
the easier for us... Let them get on with their
 banqueting. Love of pleasure is the door through
 which you will reach them...'

"He added such horrible things that they can neither 
be written nor said. Then, as if engulfed
 in a whirl of smoke, they vanished." (February 3, 1923).

"The evil one was bewailing the escape of a soul: 'Fill 
her soul with fear, drive her to despair.
 All will be lost if she puts her trust in the mercy of that...'
 (here they used blasphemous words 
about Our Lord). 'I am lost; but no, drive her to despair;
 do not leave her for an instant, above 
all, make her despair.'

"Then Hell re-echoed with frenzied cries, and when
 finally the devil cast me out of the abyss,
 he went on threatening me. Among other things he
 said: 'Is it possible that such weaklings 
have more power than I, who am mighty... I must 
conceal my presence, work in the dark; any
 corner will do from which to tempt them... close to

 an ear.. in the leaves of a book... under 
a bed... some pay no attention to me, but I shall 
talk and talk... and by dint of suggestion,
 something will remain.. Yes, I must hide in
 unsuspected places.'" (February 7, 8, 1923).

Again, she wrote: "Souls were cursing the vocation 
they had received, but not followed... the
 vocation they had lost, because they were unwilling
 to live a hidden and mortified life..." 
(March 18, 1922.

"On one occasion when I was in Hell, I saw a great
 many priests, religious and nuns, cursing their vows,
 their order, their Superiors and everything that could
 have given them the light and the grace 
they had lost...

"I saw, too, some prelates. One accused himself of 
having used the goods belonging to the
 Church illicitly..." (September 28, 1922).

"Priests were calling down maledictions on their
 tongues which had consecrated, on their
 fingers that had held Our Lord's Sacred Body, on
 the absolution they had given while they 
were losing their own souls, and on the occasion
 through which they had fallen into Hell." 
(April 6, 1922).

"One priest said: 'I ate poison, for I used money 
that was not my own... the money given me
 for Masses which I did I not offer.'
"Another said he belonged to a secret society which
 had betrayed the Church and religion,
 and he had been bribed to connive at terrible
 profanations and sacrileges.

"Yet another said that he was damned for assisting 
at profane plays, after which he ought 
not to have said Mass... and that he had spent about
 seven years thus."

Josefa noted that the greater number of religious
 plunged into hell-fire were there for 
abominable sins against chastity... and for sins
 against the vow of poverty... for the 
unauthorized use of the goods of the community...
 for passions against charity (jealousy, 
antipathies, hatred, etc.), for tepidity and relaxation;
 also for comforts they had allowed
 themselves and which had led to graver sins... 
for bad confessions through human respect
 and want of sincerity and courage, etc.

Here, finally, is the full text of Josefa's notes on 
"the hell of consecrated souls." (Biography:
 Ch. VII--September 4, 1922).

"The meditation of the day was on the Particular 
Judgment of religious souls. I could not free 
my mind of the thought of it, in spite of the 
oppression which I felt. Suddenly, I felt myself 
bound and overwhelmed by a crushing weight,
 so that in an instant I saw more clearly than
 ever before how stupendous is the sanctity of
 God and His detestation of sin.

"I saw in a flash my whole life since my first 
confession to this day. All was vividly present
 to me: my sins, the graces I had received, the
 day I entered religion, my clothing as a 
novice, my first vows, my spiritual readings,
 and times of prayer, the advice given me, 
and all the helps of religious life. Impossible
 to describe the confusion and shame a soul 
feels at that moment, when it realizes: 'All 
is lost, and I am damned forever.'"

As in her former descents into Hell, Josefa
 never accused herself of any specific sin that
 might have led to such a calamity. Our Lord 
meant her only to feel what the consequences
 would have been, if she had merited such a
 punishment. She wrote:

"Instantly I found myself in Hell, but not 
dragged there as before. The soul precipitates
 itself there, as if to hide from God in order
 to be free to hate and curse Him.

"My soul fell into abysmal depths, the bottom
 of which cannot be seen, for it is immense...
 at once, I heard other souls jeering and
 rejoicing at seeing me share their torments. It
 was martyrdom enough to hear the terrible
 imprecations on all sides, but what can be 
compared to the thirst to curse that seizes 
on a soul, and the more one curses, the more
 one wants to. Never had I felt the like before.
 Formerly my soul had been oppressed 
with grief at hearing these horrible blasphemies,
 though unable to produce even one 
act of love. But today it was otherwise.

"I saw Hell as always before, the long dark 
corridors, the cavities, the flames... I heard
 the same execrations and imprecations, for--
and of this I have already written before
--although no corporeal forms are visible, the
 torments are felt as if they were present,
 and souls recognize each other. Some called 
out, 'Hullo, you here? And are you like us?
 We were free to take those vows or not... but
 no!...' and they cursed their vows.

"Then I was pushed into one of those fiery 
cavities and pressed, as it were, between
 burning planks, and sharp nails and red-hot 
irons seemed to be piercing my flesh."

Here Josefa repeated the multiple tortures 
from which no single member of the body
 is excluded:

"I felt as if they were endeavoring to pull out
 my tongue, but could not. This torture reduced 
me to such agony that my very eyes seemed to
 be starting out of their sockets. I think this 
was because of the fire which burns, burns... not
 a finger-nail escapes terrifying torments,
 and all the time one cannot move even a finger
 to gain some relief, nor change posture, 
for the body seems flattened out and yet doubled 
in two.

"All this I felt as before, and although those tortures
 were terrific, they would be bearable 
if the soul were at peace. But it suffers indescribably.
 Until now, when I went down into 
Hell, I thought that I had been damned for abandoning
 religious life. But this time it was
 different. I bore a special mark, a sign that I was a
 religious, a soul who had known and
 loved God, and there were others who bore the 
same sign. I cannot say how I recognized
 it, perhaps because of the specially insulting manner
 in which the evil spirits and other
 damned souls treated them. There were many
 priests there, too. This particular suffering
 I am unable to explain. It was quite different
 from what I had experienced at other times,
 for if the souls of those who lived in the world 
suffer terribly, infinitely worse are the
 torments of religious. Unceasingly the three
 words, Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, 
are imprinted on the soul with poignant remorse.

"Poverty: You were free and you promised! Why,
 then, did you seek that comfort? 
Why hold on to that object which did not belong
 to you? Why did you give that pleasure
 to your body? Why allow yourself to dispose of 
the property of the Community? Did 
you not know that you no longer had the right 
to possess anything whatsoever, that you
 had freely renounced the use of those things?...
 Why did you murmur when anything 
was wanting to you, or when you fancied yourself
 less well treated than others? Why?

"Chastity: You yourself vowed it freely and with
 full knowledge of its implications... 
you bound yourself.. you willed it... and how have
 you observed it? That being so, 
why did you not remain where it would have
 been lawful for you to grant yourself
 pleasures and enjoyment?

"And the tortured soul responds: 'Yes,
 I vowed it; I was free... I could have not
 taken the vow, but I took it and I was 
free...' What words can express the martyrdom
 of such remorse," wrote Josefa, "and
 all the time the jibes and insults of other damned
 souls continue.

"Obedience: Did you not fully engage
 yourself to obey your Rule and your 
 Why, then, did you pass judgment on 
the orders that were given you? Why 
did you 
disobey the Rule? Why did you dispense
 yourself from common life? Remember how 
sweet was the Rule... and you would not
 keep it... and now," vociferate satanic voices,
 "you will have to obey us not for a day or
 a year, or a century, but forever and ever;
 for all eternity... It is your own doing...
 you were free.

"The soul constantly recalls how she had 
chosen her God for her Spouse, and that 
once she loved Him above all things... that
 for Him she had renounced the most
 legitimate pleasures and all she held dearest
 on earth, that in the beginning of 
her religious life she had felt all the purity,
 sweetness and strength of this divine 
love, and that for an inordinate passion... 
now she must eternally hate the God 
who had chosen her to love Him.
"This forced hatred is a thirst that 
consumes her... no past joys can afford her 
the slightest relief.

"One of her greatest torments is shame,
" added Josefa. "It seems to her that all
 the damned surrounding her continually
 taunt her by saying: 'That we should be
 lost who never had the helps that you 
enjoyed is not surprising... but you... what
 did you lack? You who lived in the palace 
of the King... who feasted at the board
 of the elect.'

"All I have written," she concluded, "is 
but a shadow of what the soul suffers, for
 no words can express such dire torments."
 (September 4, 1922).

DECEMBER 17, 2016

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