Tuesday, April 18, 2017

One of the mantras in Transcendental Meditation is associated with Satanism.This is confirmed in research on Freemasonry by Fr.Paolo Siano F.I , of the Fransciscans of the Immaculate


Transcendental Meditation


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  Lionel L. Andrades2 minutes ago
I was a Catholic teacher of Transcendental Meditiation. I did a teacher's training course in Thailand and practised the TM Sidhi Advanced program.

Transcendenal Meditation(TM) takes you on to levels which are not Catholic. It also opens you to different entities. One of the mantras is associated with Satanism.This is confirmed in research conducted on Freemasonry by Fr.Paolo Siano F.I , of the Fransciscans of the Immaculate.
St.Teresa of Avila said that in contemplation do not lose the image of Jesus, hold on to it at all times when possible. With TM consciousness is left free and open to Satan, especially at times when there is no mantra and no thought; when one transcends the level of the intellect.
I have known f TM teachers who have married many times and their emotional lilfe was in disarray.They were addicted to vice and their were TM teachers in the TM Purusha program who were living together as homsexual friends.
Many people learn the technique for relaxation. However after a few weeks there are side effects, physical and mental, which the TM movement brushes off as 'stess release'.
I would not, as a Teacher of TM, who has given Yogic Flying(hoping) demonstrations in public, recommend Transcendental Meditation by Maharishi Maheshi yogi.
With TM at most you can experience the levels of the lower levels of consciousness in St.Teresa of Avila's explanation of the Seven Mansions in her classic The Interior Castle.To experience what Maharishi calls Unity Consciousness - one needs Jesus.

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